Honda Accord Tire Pressure – Maintenance and Additional Tips

Honda cars are very common passenger cars that people are using. So, a lot of people are curious about the tire pressure of the Honda Accord. You can find detailed information about Honda Accord tire pressure here. And with the additional information, dealing with tires and tire pressure will be much easier for you.

What Should the Honda Accord Tire Pressure Be?

Honda Accord Tire Pressure

The tire pressure of the Honda Accord must be 32-32 psi for all four wheels. This is generally equal to the other tire pressures of general passenger cars.

There are also slight differences and variations that you can consider.

  • For 2008, 2009, and 2010 Honda Accords, if you are using P235/45R18 94V tires, the recommended tire pressure is 34 psi.
  • Also for 2008, 2009, and 2010 Honda Accords, if you are using P215/60R16 94H tires, the recommended tire pressure is 30 psi.
  • For the 2007 Honda Accord, if you are using the P205/65R15 92H size of tires, the recommended tire pressure value is 29 psi.

So, there are no big differences between the tire pressure values of different cars of Honds. You do not need to think about it so much in general.

Why is The Honda Accord Tire Pressure Important?

It is very important to control the tire pressure of the Honda Accord and hold it at the required pressure value.

Disadvantages of Low Tire Pressure

 If the tire pressures of several or individual tires of your Honda Accord car, there are important things that you should consider in general.

  • With low pressures, the tire wear will be very high. And you need to change your tire more frequently. Because the section of the tire that comes in contact with the ground is much higher.
  • Also if the tire pressure is low, it is not good for the suspensions of your Honda Accord. The suspensions will receive much more jerks and damage than they indeed do. The suspension systems are generally designed to withstand forces and accelerations when the tires are at the optimum pressure values.
  • The traction will be higher. But you will have harder handling problems. If you increase the tire pressure, you will obtain the optimum amount of traction and handling.
  • The puncture risk of your tire will be higher.
  • Also, the fuel economy of your Honda Accord car will be much worse. Because the engine will require much more power to move the car because of the increased friction between the tire and the ground.

What are the Cons of Overinflated Tires?

There are also important considerations that you need to make about overinflated tires.

  • You will have a serious safety problem with your overinflated tires. Because the friction between the tires and the ground will decrease because of the decreased total traction. So, the handling will be much more easily which you can lose control of your car at high speeds. To attain the optimum amount of traction, the trade section of your tires must be in contact with the ground well.
  • Another important thing to consider is, if your tires are overinflated, the risk of puncture of your tire will be much higher. Because there is much more stress on the tires in general.
  • The lifespan of your tires will decrease.

What Happens If the Pressure of Tires Differs?

It is very important to check the pressure of your tires and be sure that all the pressure are the same. If there is a difference in the pressure of the car tires, the balance between the car tires will differ. This means you will have a not-balanced load on axles and wheel connections which can cause unbalanced situations. And this will deteriorate the balance of the wheels. This can be both a safety and driving comfort problem for your car.

How to Check Tire Pressure of Honda Accord?

So, if you check the tire pressure of your Honda Accord, you will avoid the general problems that we stated above. There are several ways to check tire pressure.

  • TPMS system: The newer Honda Accord models have a TPMS system that you can check the tire pressure in general. Also if you have a problem with the tire pressure of your car, the TPMS system will give you a warning about the low pressure.
  • Pressure gauge: There are simple devices that you can easily attach to the valve core to measure the pressure inside your tires. You can use these gauges in general. They are generally very useful for applications where you are dealing with old Honda Accord models.
  • Gas stations: There are very basic devices and machines that you can inflate and control the tire pressures. You just need to attach the plug to your valve stem. And the machine shows the pressure of your tires.

How Often do We Need to Check Tire Pressure?

Yes, it is very important to check your tire pressure often.

  • Visual checks: You should visually check your tire pressure each time that you will use the car. If you see that your tires are low in pressure visually you need to take action before starting and running your car.
  • Measurement: You should measure the tire pressure each week to maintain the tire pressure of your car. And you will be able to know if all teh tire pressures are the same as each other.

Last Words on Honda Accord Tire Pressure

These are the general things that we can explain about the Honda Accord tire pressure. It is very important to hold the pressure value at the intended and recommended levels. And now, you know how to do it correctly.

If you have additional comments and questions about this topic, please leave them below.


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