Shift Lock Solenoid Fuse Problems in Cars

What is the Shift Lock Solenoid Fuse?

People generally miz the shif lock solenoid fuses and the shift lock in general. They are the systems that the automatic transmission systems of modern cars generally have. Here we will explain the general problems and symptoms the shift lock solenoid fuse is giving while you are driving your vehicle.

What is Shift Lock Solenoid?

Shift lock solenoid fuse.

The shift lock solenoid is the safety system that locks the shifting stick in the parking position. Unless you press the brake pedal, you can not change the shift of your car. So it is the mechanism that gives this safety.

It is a very important part. Because novice drivers can mix things up when they are driving and make start the car. And this safety system can provide very good safety for novice users. And they prevent possible accidents in the parking position.

The working principle of the shift lock solution is very simple. There are generally two solenoids that hold the shift at the park position. One solenoid is the ignition park solenoid. Once you start the engine, this selenoid releases the shift. And also there is another solenoid. This solenoid releases the shift if you press the brake pedal. After that, you can change the shift to move your car.

But sometimes, you can face problems with the shift lock solenoıids that you have. These problems generally arise because of the breakdown of the shift lock solenoid fuse.

What Happens if Shift Lock Solenoid Fuse Fails?

The most important problem that you can face with shift lock solenoid fuses, they can fail. And you will not be able to move the car by opening the shift lock even if you are pressing the brake pedal.

But most of the cars have different shift lock releaser buttons. You just need to press it and release the shift from the park position. But you need to check the shift lock solenoid fuse with a mechanic.

Check the Battery of Your Car

A shift lock solenoid fuse is an electronic thing that works with the battery supply. And if you think that you have a problem with the shift lock solenoid, you need to check the electric connections between this system and the battery. Probably, you can not do this thing by yourself. It will be better to call a mechanic to check it.

And if the battery of your car is dead, the shift lock solenoid fuse will not work properly. You need to also check the battery lights.

Shift Lock Solenoid Fuse Can be Blown

This is one of the most common causes of the shift lock problems that you are having. If the shift lock fuse is blown, you need to remove that fuse. So, you need to check the handbook of the car to check which fuse you need to remove.

At the cover of the fuse, you can find the number of the fuse that you need to delete. And by using the tool that the fuse box cover, you can remove the shift lock fuse. After that, you can use the shift without any problem.

Using Shift Lock Emergency Release

In most car brands, there is a shift lock emergency release button that you can easily use to release the lock solenoids. They are generally used in emergencies. And you can use them to unlock the solenoid lock of the vehicle that you have.

Finding them is generally the hardest thing that you can make. They are generally near the shift lock mechanism right below the shift selector. So, you need to rip off the side plastics near the shift selector. After releasing them, you can find a white arm. If you push that arm you can easily open the shift lock solenoid fuse.

With this method, you can also release the solenoid and your car can move with tow even without a battery.

Last Words on Shift Lock Solenoid Fuse

As you see above, you can diagnose the problem with the shift lock solenoids of the car that you have. And you need to go to a mechanic to solve your problem completely. These solutions that we explained above are the temporary solutions to solve your problem.

If you have additional questions and comments about this issue, leave them in the comments below!

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