What Tire Pressure is Too Low? Simple Answer

It is very important to consider the tire pressure of your car every time. And also according to the type of car or vehicle that you are driving, it is very important to know the general pressure ranges that you can have. Here, we will explain all the important information about what tire pressure is too low for different vehicles. And important actions that you need to take to deal with low tire pressure. 

What Tire Pressure is Too Low?

Low tire pressure dashboard sign.

Every vehicle has PSI values that you need to consider. And according to the PSI values that you need to be in, you can easily assess the required amount that you need. 

  • Passenger cars: The available tire pressure range for passenger cars is generally between 27 to 37 psi. 27 psi is quite low for passenger cars. But you can drive with this amount of pressure without a problem. It will be important to adjust your PSI between 30-35 psi values. But the value below 27 psi is considered too low for a passenger car. 
  • Trucks: According to the size and tonnage of the truck, and the place of the tire on the truck, the tire pressure value must be between 50-80 psi. But for all wheels that we consider for trucks, the pressure values are too low below 50 psi. It is also very dangerous for the trucks. 
  • Buses: Also tire pressures for buses can change according to the size and tonnage of the bus. But in general, the tire sizes of the buses can change between 50-60 psi-like trucks. You should know the generally available PSI ranges for the buses that you are using. This means, if your tişre pressure is lower than 10 psi from the available minimum pressure, this means you need to take action. 
  • Tractors: The tractors that you are using in agriculture must have tire pressures the same as the passenger vehicles. So, you can consider the same things if it comes to what tire pressure is too low for the tractors. 
  • SUVs with 7 Passenger Seats: Also the SUVs that have 7 passenger seats can have tire pressures between 35-40 psi. And the tires are special for these cars in general. And if you have pressure values below 30, this means it is too low for the SUVs with 7 passenger seats. 

As you can understand that your pressure range can change according to the type of vehicle that you are using. And you need to be sure that you are at the right pressure range for your tires. 

How to Understand That The Tire Pressure is Low? 

There are several ways to inspect the PSI of your car. 

  • Visual inspection: Just by looking at your tires, you can understand that the tire pressure of your car is low. You may see that the sides of the tire are contacting the ground. Ans this means you have low PSI. 
  • Check the teethed section: Also you can check the teethed section of your car tires if they are contact with the ground fully. The teethed section must be fully in contact with the ground. If the tire pressure is low, the sides will cıbtact and you can see a curve that causes to prevent contact with the tire teeth in the middle. 
  • Measure the pressure: Also you can easily measure the pressure of your tires. You just need to tire pressure measurement device. They are simple sticks that you just need to attach to the metal pin of the tire valve. And the stick will show the PSI. 
  • TPMS on modern vehicles: TPMS system is also a very common way to see the PSI on your tires. On these vehicles, there is a special tire valve that sends the PSI value of the tires to the TPMS system. And the TPMS sign will be on the dashboard that informs you to check the tire pressure. 
  • Measuring with tire inflation machines: At the gas stations, you can see the tire inflation machines that you can use to inflate your tires. Once you attach the cable to your valve, the machine shows the PSI of your tire. Also, there are very useful charts that show the PSI values for different vehicles. You can easily adjust the PSI that you must have. 

You can use one of these methods to see if your tire pressure is too low. 

Disadvantages of Low Tire Pressure  

What Tire Pressure is Too Low?
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There are disadvantages and problems that low tire pressures can cause. If you are considerate about these problems, inflate your tires to sufficient levels. 

  • Poor fuel economy: The fuel economy will get worsen if you drive with low tire pressures. Because the engine and the drivetrain of the car will expense much more power because o the increased friction between the tire and the ground. 
  • Increased tire wear: Because of the decreased PSI, the contact of your tires with the ground will be higher. And the frictioın between the tires and the road will increase. This means the wear on your tire will increase. Also, you can see wear patterns on the outer sides of the tire teeth. 
  • Blowout: Tire blowouts are very bad things that can happen while you are driving on the highway. The tires are generally designed to show best their performance at their ideal pressures. And tire blowouts may take place while you are driving on the highways and can cause very bad accidents. To prevent these accidents, it is very important to check your PSI and hold tire pressure at the same level. 
  • Difficulty while you are driving your car: You will have difficulty while you are driving your car. In the turnings and maneuvers, you will have a great problem because of the friction between your tires and the road. So the driving comfort will be reduced with your tires. 

Common Reasons for Low Tire Pressure

There can be different reasons for the low tire pressure problem that your vehicle has. 

  • If your tires are old, you will probably have low tire pressure problems more often. This means the tire can şleak air slowly from the different sections such as the sides or the valve. If you change the tire with the new one you will not have this problem. 
  • The temperature of the air have also a very important role in this problem. If the temperature of the air is very low, it will contact the air inside the wheel.

So, whether your problem is, changing the tire with a new one will solve your problems completely. 

Last Words

We tried to explain all the aspects that you need to know about low tire pressure. And we explained the general causes and fixes. Keeping your tires within the recommended PSI values is very important as you understand above. 

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Is 28 too low tire pressure? 

If we think about passenger cars, it is not considered too low-pressure. You can safely drive your car with this amount of pressure. But, it w, will be better to take your wheel pressure between 30-35 psi. 

What tire pressure is too low to drive on?

If we think about normal driving, 20 psi will be considered very low in terms of the safety of the traffic and your car. If the tire pressure is lower than this value, we do not recommend you drive in the traffic. 

Is 30 psi low tire pressure? 

No, it is an ideal tire pressure that you can drive your passenger car. The ideal range for passenger cars is between 30-35 psi. 

Is 33 PSI too low?

No, it is ideal tire pressure. 

Is tire pressure 27 too low? 

It is not too low and you will not have any problems while you re driving. But we can recommend that you can increase the tire pressure between 30-35 psi. 

Can I drive on 25 psi? 

Yes, you can drive with 25 psi up to the gas station to inflate your tires to 30-35 psi. 

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