Tesla Model 3 Tire Pressure – What Should It Be?

Electric cars become more and more common among people. And the problems that people are searching for on the internet become more and more in every passing day. Also, lots of people are curious about the Tesla Model 3 tire pressure. Here you can find detailed information about the required tire pressure for that model, and you can find other important information.

What is the Ideal Tire Pressure of Tesla Model 3?

Tesla Model 3 Tire Pressure

In general, the available tire pressure for general passenger cars changes between 30-35 psi. But when it comes to Tesla Model 3, the situation is very different. Tesla Model 3 tire pressure is 42 psi which nearly equals 290 kPa. Yes, it is higher than the normal vehicles.

So it is very important to have appropriate tires for Tesla Model 3. You need to check the internet to find the best one.

How to Measure Model 3 Tire Pressure?

Tesla Model 3 is a very modern vehicle that you can control nearly all the things on the touchscreen panel. And this car has a TPMS system which provides vital information about the tire pressure of your car. You should check this system. So, you just need to navigate to the TPMS system from the touchscreen and check the pressure values if it is at the correct level.

And also, the TPMS system will warn you about the tire pressure of Model 3 tires if it is overinflated or uınderinflated.

Another way is, if you have a pressure measurement device with you, you just need to attach the plug, to the valve stem of your tires. The gauge will show the tire pressure value directly. So, it will be very easy to see the general values.

Also, it is very easy to check the tire pressure at regular gas stations. There are machines that you can directly measure and inflate your tires. You just need to attach the machine plug to the valve, and the machine will show the tire pressure.

How Often Do We Need to Check Tire Pressure?

Even if your tires are healthy and new, you should check the tire pressure over specific periods. The period is generally once a month.

Because every tire will lose air during that time. The main reason of it, there are very small natural holes in the structure of the tire. And there is very minimal air escape from these holes. And also here can ve air escape from the tire bead section.

How to Understand If Tesla Model 3 Tire Pressure?

In general, the TPMS system will give a warning sign on the dashboard of your car. So, you can take action if you get this warning sign. And also it will show which tire pressure is low.

And also if you have a very low or high tire pressure, you will feel the handling. Also you will feel that the handling of your car is not the same as before. You need to take special action about it.

Also just look at your tires. If the tire is deflated, you can understand it easily.

What are the Cons of Low Tire Pressure?

You need to be aware aboıut the general dangers of low tire pressure that you have. The most common ones are like this;

  • If the tire pressure is low, tires will wear much more. Because there is much more contact with the ground and it is not in an optimum way.
  • The stopping distance of the Model 3 will increase. Because you will need much more brake power to stop the car.
  • Low tire pressure is not also good for the suspensions. The suspensions of the Tesla Model 3 are designed for normal tires. And the general forces and damages will change which is coming to your suspensions. So, the damage to your suspensions will increase.
  • You will also have traction problems. The traction performance of your car will not be the same with low-pressure tires.
  • You are risking your tires puncturing.
  • Also, the handling will be decreased and harder. Because turning and maneuvering the vehicle will be harder.
  • The fuel economy is also poorer. You wşll not have more power to run the car.

Disadvantages of Over Inflated Tires

  • The first disadvantage is the low tire lifespan. Because the treaded section must be in contact with the ground. And if the tire of your car is overinflated, it will not be in contact with the ground as expected. This will cause the treads at the middle side to wear much more.
  • The traction of your car also will increase. Because the contact with the ground will be much lower. But, the handling and the control of the car will decrease. So, it is not a safe thing to make.
  • Like in the low pressure, the puncture will be a problem.

Conclusion on Tesla Model 3 Tire Pressure

These are the general thing that you can consider about this topic. You need to be sure that the tire pressure of Tesla Model 3 must be around 40-45 psi which is higher than the general passenger vehicles.

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