Ignition Switch Wiring Color Code Identification – How to Do?

The ignition switch is a very important system that most cars have. They are the electrical connections of all the cars. And these electrical connections are a very important system that you can attach or detach. To do it, you need to know the ignition switch wiring color code in general. Here we explain all the color codes that you need to know and how to make the connections.

What are the Ignition Switch Wiring Color Codes?

Ignition Switch Wiring Color Code

There are different wirings in ignition switch systems in general. When make to identify easy for the electrical connections of your car, there are different wiring color codes that you can easily define them. These are the general codes;

  • Red: This is the ignition switch that you can battery inside them.
  • Black: This is the ignition out system that you can attach to the ignition system of your car.
  • Yellow: It is the starter motor wiring.
  • Black: The additional accessories on the steering wheel and the other kinds of systems.
  • Red: This is also the radio supply. This connection connects the battery’s electricity to the radio supply.
  • Grey: It is the color of the off ignition switch.

Also, you need to know the general symbols of the switch attachment places. And attaching the terminals will be much easier for you.

  • ACC: You need to attach the accessory terminal to this place.
  • BATT: Attachment of the general battery switches.
  • IGN: This is the terminal that you need to attach the ignition switch terminal in general.
  • ST: Start signals the of the terminal.

How to Wire an Ignition Switch? Simple Steps to Apply

You just need to follow these simple steps to wire an ignition switch. By following these steps, it will be very easy to make the terminal connections.

  • First of all, you need to prepare your car to wire an ignition switch. You will need general toolbox tools, screwdrivers, and electrical tools to make the connections and removals to deal with the problem. And park your car in a safe place where you can easily deal with the ignition switch.
  • After that, you need to disconnect the battery connection. Once you open the hood of your car, you need to remove the negative pole of your battery. This is a very important step to provide the required safety.
  • Before starting, you need to learn all the important details about the ignition switch terminals above. Learn the general codes and learn the general colors above.
  • This is one of the hardest things that you need to do. You need to remove the steering wheel cover of your vehicle. The connections of the steering wheel cover change from vehicle to vehicle. And you need to know the general connections. The steering wheel is generally connected with clips and basic bolts and nuts. You need to remove these bolts and nuts from these places. Also in some vehicle models, you need to remove the steering wheel before removing the cover. For these vehicles, you need to use a steering wheel puller application.
  • From the upper side of the steering wheel, you can see the different terminals available on the steering wheel system. This is the ignition switch. You will see all the cable places and cable connections there. And you need to connect the ACC, ST, and other terminals to their places as we stated above.
  • And attach the steering wheel and steering wheel cover back to their place. And attach the negative side of the battery to its place again. This is very simple like this.
  • Test if the electrical systems are working. Run the electrical system of your car with your key. See if the starter motor works by rotating the key. And also check the other accessories and other inputs on the dashboard works well.

Do We Need to Ground the Ignition Switch?

This is also a very common question that people are asking. No, you do not need to ground it. And there is no grounding connection of the ignition switch on your car. Because all the systems are separate electrical systems. And you do not need to ground these switches.

What are the Symptoms of a Bad Ignition Switch?

There are different symptoms of a bad ignition switch that you have. The most common ones are like this;

  • First of all, turning the key will be difficult. This means, there can be problems with the mechanical connectors and rods. Replacement of the key switch will solve the problem.
  • The engine will not start when you turn the key. You may have a problem with the ignitioın switch cable connections. Check the electrical connections of the inside the ignition switch of your car.
  • There are problems with the accessories and another electrical systems of the car. So in most cases, the problem is generally with the ignition switch cable connections.

Conclusion on Ignition Switch Wiring Color Code

This is the general information that we can give you. But it is also very important to look at the owner’s manual of your car to understand the electrical system of your car better.

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