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Hello everyone, I am Ugur Uygun. I am a mechanical engineer. I graduated from Yildiz Technical University as an honor student. During my education and after graduation, I worked on several research and development projects and the R&D departments of the biggest companies. So, I am interested in mechanics, automotive, power tools, home ideas, and more.

With Hasan Aytac, we are very close friends. And we decided to open this blog website to share our knowledge and experience in these areas. We are creating our content with great research by adding out experiences and knowledge. It is a great pleasure for us!

Also, I am interested in bodybuilding and powerlifting as a hobby. I am doing it for 6 years. You can reach me through these channels;

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[email protected]

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Instagram : Ugur Uygun

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LinkedIn: Ugur Uygun

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