Biggest Turbo Systems Ever in the World!

These systems or turboıchargers are a very important part of the high HP cars and engines. Tuners generally use the biggest turbo systems in their cars to obtain the highest HP. Here, we found different kinds of biggest systems for different engine types.

Which is the Biggest Turbo?

The answer to this question is very different. Because there are different sizes of engines and the size of the changes according to the sizes of these engines. So, it will be better to examine the biggest turbo systems according to the systems that they are used in.

Precision Turbo 5500 HP

Precision Turbo 5500 HP

Precision Turbo is one of the best manufacturers of turbo systems in the world. And they manufacture the most outstanding turbo systems. One of their turbos is the 5500 HP 143 mm turbo system. It is a very outstanding system that you can not see in an ordinary system probably.

The purpose of this system is mainly for drag racing cars that have massive internal comöbustion engines. And they have systems that can have up to 10.000 HP engines to obtain the best traction that they can attain.

And also, the use of this biggest turbo is very common in big trucks and tractors in general. These systems have also big engines to obtain the best traction. And they are generally diesel engines that require a system for extra traction from these engines.

Garrett GTX5544R Turbocharger

Garrett GTX5544R Turbocharger

This is also another system that you can find commercially available. This is the biggest turbo that you can find available commercially on their websites.

The diameter of the inlet of this biggest turbo is 144 millimeters which are gigantic again. The attainable horsepower with this one is between 1400-2700 and can be used in 3 to 12 engines. In general, the most powerful tunes cars have a system like this one.

The World’s Biggest Turbo!

The World's Biggest Turbo

These systems were very big if we compare them with the other class of turbos. But this one is maybe the biggest one that you can find in the world.

This is one of the biggest and strongest engines Wärtsilä-Sulzer RTA96-C which has 2000 tonnes in weight and is 13 meters tall. The main purpose of this size of engine is for marina applications in general.

It is a heavy oil system that requires a system and this engine has one of the biggest turbo systems that you can find in the world!

The total engine system provides around 107.309 HP which is very gigantic and very good for the biggest ships in the world.

These are the general and most renowned biggest turbo systems available in the market. They provide very gigantic powers to the engine systems that they are residing in.

Last Words

These systems are very important parts of internal combustion engines to increase their total power and efficiency of them. So, the use of internal combustion engines is very different in terms of calculations.

But the bigger the system, the more pollution that they leave for the environment. Maybe it is very satisfying to watch cars and engines have the biggest turbo systems. But we need to be considerate of the environment also.

Leave your comments below about this biggest turbo system!

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