Changing Motorcycle Tires – Required Tools and Application Steps

If you have motorcycle tires, you can change your tire with a new one if you are familiar w,t the general mechanics. Here you can find detailed information about changing motorcycle tires.

Which Tools Do You Need?

Changing Motorcycle Tires
  • Levers: you need two or three tire change levers to change your tire. The lever is important to fit the tire bead to the place or take it from its place.
  • Motorcycle rim protectors: While attaching a new tire, you need to install rim protectors to make the lifespan of the rim and tire bead longer.
  • Bead breaker: This is a very important tool to take the tire bead from the rim.
  • Pump: To inflate the pump.
  • Pressure gauge: While you are inflating the tires, you need to be sure that you are at the normal tire pressure range.
  • Toolbox: To remove the general axles and other mechanical stuff from the motorcycle wheel.
  • Spray lubricant: To deal with the tire and rim surface, you can spray it to work much better.

Steps for Changing Motorcycle Tires

You can apply some simple steps to change the motorcycle tires. You just need to understand the general steps and apply these steps accordingly.

1 – Remove the Motorcycle Wheel

The motorcycle wheels are attached to the motorcycle body with axles and sockets. You need to find these axles and sockets and r,p them off to take the axle. Also, you need to rip the brake caliper off from the motorcycle wheel. Take special care about it to change it well. So, it will be very easy to change to a new one.

2 – Deflate the Tire

You need to deflate the tire carefully. To do it, you need to find the valve stem of the tire. Open the valve cap, and push the stem with a pointed tool such as a screwdriver to take the air off the motorcycle tire. In general, the pressure inside the tire is very high. You need to wait for plating and air will come very strongly from the tire.

3 – Break the Bead

This is one of the hardest things to do in general. You will need a bead breaker. There is a very tight attachment between the tire bead and the rim. This provides an air-tight surface. So, you need to apply some sort of force to take the bead from the rim.

To do it, attach the bead breaker between the tire bead and the rim. While you are doing it, you need to apply a lever force by using the rim. And rotate the breaker to take the bead out of the tire. Attach a lever to that place to prevent it to attach inside again.

And repeat this process to completely take the tire bead from the rim. You need to do it to two opposite sides to completely take the tire from the rim.

 4 – Pry the Tire Bead Out

Once you break the tire bead, you need to pry the tire bead out by using the levers that you attached to the tire. Use the rim as a lever point and apply lever force to take the tire bead out of the tire. You need a pryer to do it.

Before printing the tire bead out, you can use a lubricant. Spray the lubricant between the tire and the rim to make the process much easier.

5 – Clean the Rim

After taking the old tire, you need to clean the rim from lubricants and other filths before attaching the new tire.

6 – Attach the New Tire

While attaching the tire, be sure that the direction of rotation is correct. You can check it with another tire that you took from it. And also you need to be sure that the valve stem complies with the red dot on the motorcycle tire.

By using pryes, attach the tire bead inside of the tire for both sides. And install the valve stem theurgy.

7 – Fit the Tire Bead by Inlfating

By using the air pump, you need to give some air from the air stem to make the tire bead fit on the rim. You will hear popping sounds while it fits the place. But do not inflate the tire fully. If you can not hear the popping sounds you can use a Breezer tool to reinstall the tire beads inside.

8 – Reinstall the Tire

This is the last step. You need to install the tire by attaching the axle and the fasteners again. Attach the brake caliper to its place.

Inflate the tire to the recommended air pressure of the tire. Measure the air pressure with a measurement gauge. Once you reach the pressure, close the cap of the valve stem.

So, as you see above, these are the general steps that you need to follow if you want to attach the tires.

It requires some muscle power if you are using conventional tools as we stated above.

How Much Spend for Changing Motorcycle Tires?

In general, if you bought the motorcycle tire yourself, it is not a lot of money to change the tires to its expert. You will probably pay around $30-$50. But, bringing your motorcycle is a problem. Or you can detach the wheel and carry the wheel to an expert.

Additional Tips

  • After changing your tire, bring your motorcycle to a balancer. They will change the balance of your motorcycle wheels and make the required adjustments.
  • Always check the tire pressure frequently. You can measure the tire pressure every week to be sure that you are in the correct tire pressure range. In general, the tire pressure values for motorcycles can change between 25 to 40 psi. Check the user’s manual for the tire.
  • Also, you can inject some tire balancer beads to provide extra balance to your tires. These beads are available in general auto markets and stores.

Conclusion on Changing Motorcycle Tires

This is the general information that we can provide for changing motorcycle tires. If you have additional problems and questions, please leave them below.

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Is it hard to change motorcycle tires?

First of all, you need to rip the wheel from your motorcycle off. To do it, you need to release the chain and rip the axle and brake caliper from their place. And if you are not familiar with the mechanics in general, it can be hard for you. And also, to change the tire, for attachment and detachment of the tire bead and adjustment of the valve stems. Also, you will need muscle force for it. So we can not say that it is easy for all people.

Do motorcycle tires need to be başanced?

Yes. Blanace is much more important for motorcycle tires than cars. Because rising a motorcycle is directly related to the balance.

How often do you change motorcycle tires?

In normal use, you need to change the motorcycle tires every 5-6 years. But also it depends on the use. If you are using it every day, the period may decrease to 3-4 years.

Can you fit motorcycle tires yourself?

Yes. If you have the required tools that we stated above and if you are familiar with the general mechanics, you can change the tires.

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