How to Let Air Out of Tire? Simple Explanation

If you were overwhelmed with the question of “How to let the air out of tire?” question, you can find a simple answer here. Check here to learn how to let air out of tire. 

How to Let Air Out of Tire? 

How to Let Air Out of Tire? 
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It is a simple process that you can make very easy way. The tools that you need; 

  • Pliers or a screwdriver to press the valve. 
  • A pressuremeter to measure the pressure of the tire. 


  • First of all, you need to locate the place of the value of the tire. The shape of the valve is a simple protruded section as you see in the picture. 
  • Open the cap of the valve. This cap protects the edge of the valve from external conditions. You just need to rotate the counterclockwise to open the cap. 
  • After opening it, you can see the little metal pin. You can easily press this metal pin to let the air out of the tire. 
  • Before doing this you need to measure eth pressure of the tire with a pressure meter. Just locate the device to the metal pin and push it to read the pressure of your tire. 
  • If the pressure of the tire is higher than the expected level, you need to deflate the tire to a sufficient pressure value. 
  • Use the screwdriver to push the metal pin to deflate the tire. Once you push on işt, you will hear the sound that air getting out inside the tire. 
  • After 10 seconds, check the pressure of the tire again. Andi if the pressure is still high, repeat the process. 
  • Once you reach the required pressure value, attach the cap of the valve again. 

As you see above, it is very simple how to let the air out of the tire. It is a simple process that you can make. 

The Ideal Tire Pressure Levels for Different Vehicles 

The ideal pressure of the car tire is 32 to 35 psi in general. And also this value can be increased to 45 psi if you have 7 seated SUV vehicles. 

Also, the tire pressure of standard-range buses must be between the range of 60-70 psi. 

For tractor applications for agriculture, the tire pressure is 30-35 psi just like the automobile applications. 

According to the sşze of the truck, the tire pressure changes between 55-80 psi according to the location of the tire.

So it is very important to check the user’s manual of the tire that you are using on a vehicle. It will be much easier to determine the correct value of the pressure. 

What Happens If Overinflating the Tires? 

There are important things to prevent if you overinflate the tires. 

  • The first problem with overinflating is safety. You can have very bad incidents and accidents because of the explosion. The material of the tire has a specific limit for the PSI. And if your tires are above this pressure value, it will be a great threat to you and traffic. 
  • Another important thing is, that control of you your car will reduce. Because you will have less contact with the ground if the tires are overinflated. You need to get your tire pressure to safe levels. 
  • The design of the tooth of the tires is made to obtain the best control and safe drive if you use the specific and recommended PSI limit. You should use them to that limit. 
  • Also, overinflation will cause shorten the life of the tire that you are using. The life of the tire gets shortened because of the exposure to pressure. 

How to Understand that Your Tires are Overinflated? 

Also, understanding the overinflated tires can be hard if you do not know how to look at them. 

A properly inflated tire has full contact with the ground. The toothed section of the tire has full contact. And also the cheeks of the tire do not contact the ground. 

If a tire is overinflated, the teethed section will not be in full contact with the ground. You can notice that several teeth that are close to the cheek are standing free. So, this means that the tire is overinflated. You need to be sure that your tires have the same PSI levels every time. 

Last Words on How to Let Air Out of Tire? 

As you see above, it is very easy to let the air out of the tire. You just need to follow the steps that we stated above. If you have additional comments or questions about the tire pressure, please leave them below. 

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How do you manually deflate the tire? 

You just need to use a pointed tool like a screwdriver to push the metal pin of the valve to let the air out. The air will automatically get out without any problem if you apply it. 

What happens if I put too much air in my tires? 

If you put too much air in your tires, you will get a serious safety problem. The tires will prone to blast while you are driving which is a very dangerous thing. And also the lifespan of your tires will be shorter. Another thing is, your control over your car will reduce because of the less contact with the ground. 

Do tires naturally deflate? 

In theory, no. But most of the structure of the tires is made from only one layer. And the valve system is very simple in most of them. The high pressure inside the tire makes the air can out from the cheeks of the tire and the valve for longer periods. So, it is very important to check your tire pressure level every time. 

Is it OK if the tire pressure is a little high? 

If we talk about numbers, the ideal tire pressure for cars is between 30-35 PSI. And if the pressure is 36 or 37, it will not be a problem. 

Why is my tire pressure so high? 

The measurement device can measure less than the actual value. So, change the measurement device and see if the tire pressure is high or not. Most tire inflating devices have pressure measurements. So you can use another device in another gas station to be sure about it. 

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