About Us

Fmechanic.com is a website that includes informative articles and reviews about engineering, automotive, and power tools for people. We are the two owners of this website; Hasan Aytaç and Uğur Uygun who are interested and experienced in mechanics, engineering, and automotive. Sharing our knowledge and experience in these areas is a great joy for us.

We are constantly sharing informative and insightful articles about these topics. In this way, also we are making research about specific and deep topics to provide the best content to our visitors. And we are pleased if visitors contact us about these topics. Sharing information throughout the World and between people is very important to us.

We are creating very niche topics that people are searching for answers to. And we try to provide the best one and the visitor experience is one of the most important things and motivation for us.

We aim to get this platform into one of the most authoritative websites and internet platforms about automotive engines, mechanics, and technology around the world. We will enhance our team with the passing days. We are also interestead in social media and internet stuff. Combining our interests in these two different areas makes us build fmechanic.com.

Uğur Uygun and Hasan Aytaç are experienced engineers and technicians you can trust our knowledge and experience in these topics.

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