FAQs About Fmechanic.com

These are the general questions and answers about Fmechanic.com.

Can I advertise on Fmechanic.com?

We make advertisements as allowed in the terms and conditions of Google and other major search engines. So, we are not selling any backlinks from Fmechanic.com. And we do not have a strict plan for sponsored posts and advertising in banners. Because we are doing it for joy and hobby. If you have a partnership idea with Fmechanic.com, you can contact us to share your ideas.

How do you produce your content?

We are two friends that are experienced in mechanics and mechanical engineering. And we know what people are interested in and searching for information in this area. So, we are creating content about these topics while researching trustworthy sources and adding our experiences and value to these contents to make the information more attainable for people.

Do you give professional technical consultancy?

We are not giving any professional consultancy for these topics that we are covering on Fmechanic.com. As we stated in the Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions pages, the posts, and pages that we are sharing about different topics must not consider professional and fully-trusted sources. If you need more trusted and reliable sources for critical issues, you need to contact professional and trusted sources.

How do you produce your review articles?

In the review articles, we are using affiliate links from Amazon.com as we stated in our Affiliate Marketing Disclosure. And we are not promoting any specific brands in our Reviews articles. In an unbiased way, we are comparing and assessing the features of different products from Amazon.com according to our experiences. And we are trying to help people to find the best products for themselves.

Can I post the guest article on Fmechanic.com?

Sure. We are pleased to share the articles of other people who are interested in these topics. And we will proud to share your name as the author of the article that you are writing. But we are not sharing any sponsored links or paid links in any of the articles.

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