Audi Q7 Towing Capacity – What Can You Carry with It?

If you are looking for an SUV car that can tow lots of weight, Audi Q7 can be a very good solution for you. And in terms of luxury, it will satisfy your expectations. Here you can find information about the Audi Q7 towing capacity and other technical features of this car.

What is Audi Q7 Towing Capacity?

Audi Q7 Towing Capacity
Audi Q7. Source: Auto Car Guide

The towing capacity of the Audi Q7 is 7700 pounds. But we need to know that, two engine selections of Audi Q7 affect the towing capacity.

The first available engine selection is a 248 hp, 273 lb.ft 45 TFSI 2.0L engine that provides 4400 pounds of towing capacity. The maximum towing capacity of the Audi Q7 is for the second engine configuration which is a 55 TFSI V6 turbocharged 335 hp and 369 lb. ft engine.

So, if you want to get a greater towing capacity from your Audi, we can recommend you buy a bigger one as we stated above.

Does the Towing Capacity Change Through the Models?

One may can ve curious about the towing capacity of the other years and models. Maybe you are thinking about buying an older model of Audi Q7 from a used car store.

After 2006, the towing capacity of the Audi Q7 is standard. The towing capacity is 7700 lbs every time. This is a higher-class towing capacity that you can expect from an SUV vehicle.

What Can You Carry?

Maybe only the number does not state anything about the towing capacity of different cars. So, it is very important to compare the different applications.

  • With Audi Q7, you can easily tow a mini boat without any problem. The average towing weight of a 20 ft boat is around 5000 lbs. So, if you are looking for an SUV vehicle to tow your boat to the beach, Q7 can be a great candidate for you.
  • The dry weight of an average trailer is around 3000 pounds. And you can add extra 4700 pounds of total weight on this trailer and tow it with your Audi Q7 without any problem.
  • You can also two a caravan without any problem. Most of the caravans have lower towing weight than 7700 lbs. So, this means if you are dreaming about buying a caravan with your Audi Q7, you can easily upload it without any problem.

So, as you understand that the towing weight and capacity of Audi is a very high class.

What are the Other Features of the Audi Q7?

Along with the excellent towing capacity, the 2023 Audi Q7 provides different kinds of other useful and excellent features for you.

Cargo Space

Along with the Audi Q7 towing capacity, the interior cargo space of these cars is excellent. Of all the classes of Audi, Q7 have the biggest cargo space you can carry additional loads.

There are three different cargo spaces that Audi Q7 provides. The first one is the area behind the front row which has 69.6 cubic feet of total volume. The second area is the behind second row which has 35.7 cubic feet total volume. The third-place area behind the third row has 14.2 cubic meters of space.

So, it has also lots of space inside the car that you can easily put different kinds of loads without any problem.

Interior Features

And also the interior features that these models provide have an excellent application. You can see there are different kinds of useful interior applications and features. These interior features include;

  • LED interior light provides very comfortable lighting in the interior space. You can feel the first-class interior with the illumination.
  • Also, there is a smartphone interface that makes the control of the different applications much easier.
  • MMI® Navigation plus with MMI® touch response for the high quality navigation system.
  • As a normal technology, you can connect different kinds of Bluetooth devices without any problem.
  • The satellite radio.
  • The 3D surround sound system with 17 speakers provides a very good interior sounding system that you will not need an extra sound system for your car.
  • The front seats provide very good ventilation.
  • Seatings are made from a leather material to increase the comfort of the drivers.
  • Heaters in each seat increase the comfort of the passengers and drivers.
  • A power soft closing system for doors prevents the hard closing of the doors.
  • Climate control system to adjust the interior temperature and moisture to ideal levels.
  • The sunroof is panoramic that increasing the interior view and comfort.
  • With the virtual cockpit plus, the driving of the Audi Q7 increased.

Safety Features of Audi Q7

Along with the Audi Q7 towing capacity, it is important to talk about the safety features that the Audi Q7 provides for different kinds of applications.

  • You can easily monitor the tire pressures of each tyre that you have with the TPMS system. The system will warn you about the tire pressure of your car.
  • The active lane assists the emergency system and provides extra safety on highways to hold the car inside the lane.
  • Dealing with rear cross-traffic is much easier with the emergency systems that Audi Q7 has.
  • With the electromechanical power steering system, accurate control is very easy even if you are towing very heavy weights.
  • With the head-up display, make you see the different statistics of the traffic and your car easily.
  • High-quality advanced brake systems provide extra safety for all passengers.
  • LATCH child rear seat mounting system makes it possible to drive with your children with great safety.

So these different high technology features make it useful for different kinds of applications along with the Audi Q7 towing capacity.

Other SUV Alternatives and Towing Capacities

Also, you can check the other SUV alternatives with different towing capacities below. And you can make a decision with them over Q7.

  • BMW X5 is a very important alternative to Audi Q7 in high-end SUV applications. We can say that the towing capacity of the BMW X5 is the same as the Audi Q7, with 7700 pounds.
  • BMW X7 is also another SUV car that tows different kinds of weights without any problem. The towing capacity of the BMW X7 is comparatively the same as Audi Q7.
  • If you want to buy Volvo XC40 over the Audi Q7, the towing capacity of the XC40 is much lower than Q7. The towing capacity of that car is 2100 kg and Audi Q7 is 3500 kg. Also, the towing capacity of XC60 is 2500 kg which is lower than Audi again.
  • Also, the Mercedes Benz GLS is another SUV car that we can consider one of the most important alternatives to the Audi Q7. Also in terms of the towing capacity, the Mercedes Benz GLS is the same as Audi Q7.

So, as you understand that there are different SUV alternatives that we can consider to tow the same weight as the Audi.


High-end and middle-size SUVs like Audi Q7 have generally the same towing capacity. And you can consider buying Audi Q7 for this towing capacity. But, if you want to have the maximum performance from it, you need to choose a 3.0L V6 engine.

If you have additional comments and questions about Audi Q7 towing capacity, please leave them below. Your precious feedbacks are very important to us!

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