Who Makes Audi? Who Owns Audi? Where Audi is Manufactured?

We know you have different kinds of questions in your head abou Audi. Because very big automotive conglomerates take over the general car brands that we know. Sometimes, we get confused about a different car brand owns another car brand. And you will be suprized when you hear about this brand. Who makes Audi? You are at the right place to find answer.

Who Makes Audi? Answer: Volkswagen Group

Who Makes Audi

You may think that how Volkswagen have this brand car brand. But, Volkswagen Group is a very big multi-national automotive company that owns different kinds of car brands. They are one of the first 3 biggest car companies in the world.

They not only have this brand. They also have other car brands such as Bentley, Cupra, Lamborghini, Porsche, SEAT, Škoda and Volkswagen brands. So, they are very very big. The headquarter is in the Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony , Germany.

In the worldwide basis, they have around 100 production facilities around 27 countries. And also their production output of total cars were around 8 million şn 2021. In terms of the revenues, Volkswage Group is one of the biggest car companies around the world. According to the 2021 statistics, the net income of them was the 15.425 billion euros.

Also in terms of the number of employees, they are one of the biggest ones in the worl. They have around 667.000 employees which is one of the biggest in general.

The Place of Audi in Volkswagen Group

Audi constitutes the luxury car division of Volkswagen Group. The production output of this brand was around 1.8 million according to the 2021 data. And also this brand has around 90.000 employees. So we can think that this automotive brand constitutes around 1/10 of total operations of Volkswagen Group.

The headquarter of this brand is in the Ingolstadt, Germany. In different countries such as Germany, Mexico, Hungary, China and Brasil, they are manufacturing facilities.

Audi has also different subsidiaries; Audi Sport GmbH, Ducati, Italdesign Giugiaro, Lamborghini, Bentley and Sauber. So, you can understand that Volkswagen Group is a very big car maker in the world.

More on the History of Audi

Audi was not a part of Vokswagen Group originally. It founded in 16 July 1909 in the name of Zwickau. Before this day, August Horch founded the auto group Horch & Cie. And he parted his way from his patrney and he named the car company that he built: Audi.

They had very important establishments in motorsports and most of people get to know about Audi in these years.

The date that Volkswagen Group purchased the 50% stake of this brand was in 1964. And also they owned the other important car brands that we know today.

Can We Say This Brand Saves Its Value Under Volkswagen Group

In general most of people are curious about this situation. Can a value of the car brand affected from the real owner? Can this automotive brand become Volkswagen class during the time? Absolutely no. Becuase, the situation that Volkswagen Group owns this brand is not a new thing. And we know the difference of Audi from other car brands. We can compare them with Mercedes or BMW even today. This means, you do not need to bother yourself about this topic.

And also, it is very important that there are interactions between the other luxury car brands with Audi. This will add extra value to this brand if you are curious about this situation.

Is Audi Made by Volkswagen?

The design and manufacturing teams are generally special to this brand. Audi is a car brand that saves its place in the automotive market. We know that they are manufacturing cars between the middle-class and upper-class that for the middle people want to bring some sort of luxury. Volkswagen can own Audi in paper. But this brand makes the this automotive brand cars. They are not mixing the Volkswagen class cars and Audi cars into each other.

Is Audi Luxury Brand of Volkswagen?

Yes, this automotive brand considered as luxury car brand inside the Volkswagen Group. Also there are other luxury car brands inside the Volkswagen group such as Bentley and Lamborghini. So we can say that this brand is the lower luxury class around the other luxury car brand.

Is BMW Part of Audi?

No. BMW is not part of this brand. Inside the subsidiaries of Audi, there is no BMW. BMW or Bayerische Motoren Werke is its own luxury car and motorcycle company that located in Munich, Germany. But there are othe brands under the BMW, Mini and Rolls-Royce. They are 14th biggest car companies in the world. So as you can understand that they are too big to be a subsidiary of this brand .


So we believe that we gave the complete answer to your question. You know all the subsidiaries of Audi and the place of this brand inside the Volkswagen Group. There can be different debates in friend groups who love cars that this brand is a part of something, and you know the exact answer right now.

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