White Audi – Does It Worth It?

Choosing the best color for your car is not an easy thing. There are different kinds of considerations that you need to make. Also, lots of people are searching for white Audi cars. Here we examine the white color for Audi cars, its advantages, disadvantages, and considerations.

Advantages of White Color

We can explain some sort of the advantages of the white color that you can select for your Audi. And these advantages generally make this color the preferred color in general.

  • Visibility: First of all, the white color increases safety in general. Because the visibility increased. Other drivers of cars can easily spot you inside your car without any problem. So, if you are considerate about traffic safety, you can consider buying a white car.
  • Air conditioning: If you are driving your car or if you are living in hot and sunny climates, the white color will be very profitable in terms of air conditioning. Because the white color reflects the rays coming from Sun. And this prevents the temperature increment inside your car.
  • Resale value: The white color always has high resale values because of the reasons that we explain here. And also, the average car insurance values will be lower than usual.
  • Aesthetics and preference: Some people fall in love with white colors in general. So, if you are one of these people, you can combine your Audi and white color love.

Disadvantages to Consider

Also, there are different disadvantages that we need to consider about the white Audi cars. And also if you are aware of the disadvantages, selecting a proper color will be much easier for you.

  • Stains: The white color will show the stains much higher if we compare them with the other darker colors. And you need to clean your car in much lower periods.
  • Scratches: Like the stains, the white color will show the scratches much more. So, you will pay much more attention to maintenance and appearance than the darker colors.

Types of White Audi

There are different types of applications for white Audi that you can choose from. And if you make these considerations well, it will be very easy for you to choose the best type.

  • Pure white: Most of the Audis have this color. And if you order a white Audi from the seller, this color will come. It has a sleek and basic look that an average Audi has.
  • Pearl white: To give the pearl-like appearance, a different color application is applied. The color will be darker, but in terms of appearance, it will be very subtle.
  • Ivory white: There is a slight yellow and beige undertone that makes the appearance different than the other painting applications.
  • Arctic white: With the light blue and gray tones on white paint, it gives an artic appearance to the car.
  • Diamond effect: It is a high-end painting application. The use of the gloss and shining effect on white Audi that have a diamond effect is a very high craft and make it very expensive to apply in general.
  • Off-white: With the tonne of gray and beige, the appearance of the car is very good.

So, as you see above, there are different tones and applications of the white Audi available in the market.

Different White Audi Cars

Also, we give some white Audi cars below that will help you to decide the best one for yourself.

White Audi A4

White Audi A4

Let’s start with an average Audi model. As you see in the photo, the white color is very classy on Audi models. And you can get the vibe that this is manufactured as white. The white application is very common for such models as this.

White Audi A6

White Audi A6

A6 is generally considered a higher class of Audi cars in general. The comfy internal space and the big external appearance make them very classy. So, if you want to have a classy and cool appearance from your Audi A6, choosing the white color will be very good for you.

Audi S5 with White Color

Audi S5 with White Color

S versions of Audi are generally considered more sportive versions in general. As you see in the photo it has a very good vibe. Also, the white color is supported with white rims. They are generally made coupe, and you can choose one of them.

Audi Q7

Audi Q7

Audi Q7 or Q series is the SUV series of the Audi brand. And the white color is very common in the Q series. If you have a big application like this one, you can consider buying.

What about Audi TT?

What about TT?

According to me, the white color does not fit the legendary car Audi TT. Just do not select it. They are generally historical and legendary cars and do not deserve the white color in general. But it depends on personal tastes…

White R8?


Folks… Do not choose white color for legendary sports cars like R8. Look at this car in the picture. It seems like a car of a government officer. But it is R8. You need to make special tones and paints on it.


Because of some reason, the white color is not generally preferred for Audi cars. But some middle and upper class carry the white color in general. But we do not recommend buying a White Audi which is a sports car or a very high-end car.

These are the general things that we can state about this topic. If you have any comments, please leave them below!

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