Audi Oil Change – Cost, How to and Benefits

Not for Audi, it is also very important for the other car brands to change the oil regularly. But changing and deciding on the oil is not an easy thing. You need to decide when it needs to be changed or not. Here you can find the most detailed information about Audi oil change.

Why to Change Oil?

Audi Oil Change

Like the other fluids inside the car engines, oil has also a lifespan. The main purpose of engine oil is to lubricate the important parts of the engine. And this provides very good safety for your car. Without engine oil, the engine will not work well and your engine gets deteriorated.

So, it is very important to have engine oil. Also after a while, you need to change the engine oil. Because it loses its effectiveness over time. For example, the color of engine oil gets dark, and also the viscosity of the oil increases. These are the most important indications that you need to change the oil. The oil transformed into a state in which it can not make its duty well.

When to Audi Oil Change?

It can be hard to give extra mileage for the Audi oil change. Because several factors affect this duration in general.

The most important factor is driving behavior. Or are you generally driving your Audi on highways or city driving? Because the working schedule of the engine changes according to these two modes. While you are driving your Audi on the highway, the Audi oil change requirement is generally 10.000-15.000 miles. But if you are driving your Audi in the city, the oil change range will decrease to 5000-7000 miles.

Also if you are driving your car in sport mode, this will heavily affect the Audi oil change period. This can decrease the oil change period to even 3000 miles.

And if we consider that you are not using your Audi in a specific behavior, you need to make a better assessment to change your oil.

It is very easy to assess if you need to change your oil. Follow these steps.

  • First of all, you need to park your car in a stable place with a parking brake and hand brake on.
  • After that, leave your car cool for 15 minutes before opening the hood and checking the oil inside it.
  • Open the hood of your Audi.
  • Find the oil control stick and pull it. Clean it with a towel and attach and pull it. Check the level of oil at the tip of the stick. The oil level must be between the two lines.
  • And also you need to check the color of your engine oil. The color of the oil must be yellowish. But if the color is brownish or black, you need to immediately change the oil of your Audi.


Most simply, we explain the oil change for your Audi car. You can do it on your own without any problem.

First of all, you need to have the required tools; a hydraulic or mechanical lifter, an oil pan or a regular pan, a new oil filter, an oil filter wrench, a funnel, and a rag.

And you can follow these steps for an Audi oil change.

  • First of all, you need to warm the engine of your car. This will make the oil much more flow.
  • After that, shut the engine off.
  • Lift your car properly by using a hydraulic lifter or mechanical lifter. Be sure that the lifter can lift Audi’s heavy cars. Before doing it, you need to take the safety precautions such as safety glasses and cut-resistant gloves. After that, you can start to do it.
  • You need to find the place of the drain plug. They are generally placed under the engine on the sump.
  • Place the oil pan beneath the engine oil sump to drain the old engine oil. After that open the drain plug by using a wrench.
  • This place is a harder step. You need to replace the oil filter of your car after draining the old oil. The place of the oil filter is generally near the engine inside an oil filter housing. Open this housing and take the old oil filter.
  • Clean the area where you took the old filter thoroughly. And place the new oil filter. After that, close the oil filter housing.
  • Close the drain plug. And add new oil inside the engine. You need to add the new oil from the oil cap on your engine right under the hood of your Audi car. You need to be sure that the engine oil level is correct.
  • Frequently check the engine oil levels from the dipstick. And close the cap.
  • Run your engine and check the different sections of your engine if there is a leak or not.

So, as you see above, it is a very simple Audi oil change.

Another important thing to consider the Audi check engine oil light is on. And act according to this light.

Audi Oil Change Price

Maybe you are thinking that you can not make the steps that we explained above. So, you can bring your Audi car to service to change your engine oil.

The prices of the oil change for different Audi models can change. For example, if you have a standard modern Audi car, you will most likely pay a price between $100-$150.

How to Choose the Correct Audi Engine Oil?

Also, it depends on the type and model of your Audi car. You need to check your car’s owner’s manual to find the best oil that you can add to your car. Also, you can make research on the internet to decide to find the best oil for your car.

The viscosity and the type of oil are very important and it changes according to the model of your Audi. In general Audi cars are using synthetic oils to decrease their carbon footprint. And the engine structures of Audi cars are generally durable to frequent oil changes. And if you choose high-quality engine oil, you will not need to change it frequently.


This is the general information that we can provide about the Audi oil change. According to the parameters and considerations, you can decide to change the oil or bring your Audi to service for an oil change.

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