Black Audi – Different Models with Black Color!

We know Audi as a high-end car. And people love to design these high-end cars with different kinds of designs. Also, black color is one of the most chosen colors in te Audi market. Here, you can find different models of Audi with the different tones of colors. And you can choose one of them.

Why Black Color on Audi?

Color is a personal preference, sure. But when it comes to Audi, black color generally dominates the market. And also there are different advantages of choosing black color.

First of all, black color is a very elegant and stylish. If you want to create a stylish and serious vibe with your car, choosing the black color even for Audi will be very stylish for you.

Also some poeple think that choosing this color make you some mafiatic vibe. And people get the vibe of you are a important goverment person or you are dealing with some dark businesses. But, it is not like it. If you think that you are representing a mature characteristic or authority, choosing a balck Audi will be very straight for you.

Different Black Color Types to Consider

 Also, black color have different kinds of variations and types that you can consider.

  • Jet black: This is a very deep and dark shade of black that have a very shiny and gloss appearance. It is generally very attractive.
  • Metallic: Metallic colors are very common in the car market in general. The most important feature of the metallic color is, they are generally very glossy and shiny. But in general, the maintenace of this car color can ve hard if we compare with others. And metallic colors are generally high-end color applications. But we can state that, it is completely applicable to Audi.
  • Satin black: It gives a silky finish that make people to touch your car. Another color choise that is generally considered as high-end.
  • Matte black: You probably seen matte colors in different kinds of applications. Also the matte black cars generally stay much more modern look. The maintenance of matte color is hard but they are the mıst attractive applications in generaly.
  • Carbon black: In the black color, there are sligh blue and purple striations that make the appearance much more different. But we can guarantue that the appearance of your car will be very different.
  • Obsidian black: Also deep black with blue and gree striations that provide a very different vibe for your Audi car.

Different Black Audi Models

You can check the different black Audi models with the different types and painting applications. This will give you a very good idea about the black color on these models and help you to make decisions!

Black Audi A6

Black Audi A6

We stated that Audi cars are generally high end cars that make people to choose black colors over them. And also A6 is a luxury car that you can choose for you. In general, they have imposing look with a very wide interior. You can think of it for your family or for your job. It represents the great place between the fully luxury and fully family cars.

And with black color, A6 catches a very elegant look in general.

Black Audi R8

Black Audi R8

Are you a R8 fan like me? Do you know this legendary car from movies? Yes, if you are a very big fan one of these cars, the black color fits on this as you see above. It has a very sportive look if we compare with the other colors in general.

Matte Black R8

Matte Black R8

Check this matte color of R8! This is a never version of R8 that have balck matter color application on it. With this design, you can catch a very beautiful place for yourself in car communities. And all the people probably turn their head while you are driving this beauty.

Black Audi Q8

Black Audi Q8

And SUV models of Audi are very attractive in general. You can see a glossy painted Audi Q8 and it has a very different vibe that reflects the authority. Probably it is a metallic black that shows a very different vibe. You can consider that these cars are very fantastic.

What About A7 Sportback?

What About A7 Sportback?

Also the sportback models if Audi are very attractive. And A7 is a high end luxury car that you can own. This is an example of gloosy jet black. You it has a very dark color that you can consider for your Audi car. Personally, I like the back design of this car.


As you see above, black color on Auid has a very different vibe that you can consider. They are very good and very attractive for different kinds of people. We give different kinds of information and examples of different models and different color types.

What do you think about black car color on Audis? Leaye your thoughts below!

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