Audi Q7 vs Q8 2023 Comparison – Make Your Decision Here!

Deciding between the same class and brand cars can be troublesome in such ways. Also, Audi Q7 and Q8 are very common comparisons that people are making. If you are struggling to decide between these two mid-size SUV cars of Audi, you are at the right place. In terms of the different considerations, we compare Audi Q7 vs Q8 and make the decision that you need to make much easier.

Audi Q7 vs Q8, Which One?

Audi Q7 vs Q8
2023 Q8. Source: TopGear

First of all, we need to state that it is not an easy selection. You need to make the comparisons well. And in which important parameters they have differences is a very important thing. And you can find the common differences here.

Engine Capacity and Performance

When it comes to comparison between the different cars, the first parameter that comes to mind is the engine capacity and performance.

Audi Q7 2023 provides two different engines. The first one is the 2.0L turbocharged I4 engine. This is the smaller one and it produced 261 HP power. And the torque is 273 lb. ft. The second engine selection is the 335 HP V6 3.0L turbocharged. And if you want higher engine performance, you can select the second one.

Also if we compare these two engines, the fuel economy of the 2.0L turbocharged one is slightly better. 19 MPG in the city and 18 MPG in the city are the two fuel consumptions of these two engines. And also 25 and 22 MPG values are for the highway. Yes, the difference comes in a highway in general. But, if I were you and need to select between this engine, I will select the bigger one.

Also, Q8 provides one engine selection. It is a 3.0L twin-scroll turbocharged V6. The performance specs and the fuel economy are the same as the second engine of Q7. So, if you decide to choose Q8, you do not have the right to choose the smaller engine. But if you are buying a mid-size and high-end SUV, why do you cut from the engine performance for the slight fuel economic difference?

Audi Q7 vs Q8 Interior Space Comparison

Audi Q7
Audi Q7 2023. Source: The Car Guide

Most people are expecting that when the number after Q in this series increases, the interior space and the general space of the Audi SUVs increase. But there is no such situation like this. The Q7 has a bigger space in the interior than the Q8.

So, if you are looking for a more practical SUV, we recommend you buy Q7. Because Q7 provides 7 seats. And Q8 has 5 passenger seats. For example, if you have a bigger family, you can choose Q7. But if you do not need to carry lots of people in your SUV car and you want better performance, you can choose Q8.

Also if we compare the luggage capacity of these cars, Q7 has much better performance than Q8. You need to make the comparisons well.

Which One is More Luxurious?

The difference of the increasing number after Q comes with additional luxury. Q8 has much higher luxury than Q7. The luxury comes with both interior and exterior material quality and second-row comfort. And you can find this luxury difference in the prices. The starting price of Q7 is $75.000 and Q8 is $84.000.

Interior Space Features that Both Models Have

Yes, while you are choosing between Q7 and Q8, the decision is generally between practicality and luxury. If youı are looking for a more practical but high-end SUV, Q7 will be a better option. But, if you are looking for a luxury SUV for yourself, Q8 will be a better option. Also, these two models have very good interior characteristics that you need to consider in general;

  • LED interior lighting provides a very good interior ambiance.
  • The smartphone interface makes the control of the car much better.
  • MMI® Navigation plus with MMI® touch response for the high-quality navigation system.
  • Bluetooth®
  • SiriusXM® Satellite Radio
  • 3D surround system with up to 17 speakers. The Q8 has a difference here in that the number of speakers can be up to 23.
  • Auto-dimming interior system for more comfortable interior lighting.
  • Front seats with ventilation.
  • Leather seating materials to increase comfort.
  • Heater seats.
  • Power soft closing doors to increase comfort.
  • Panoramic sunroof.
  • The tailgate system automatically releases.
  • Climate control.
  • Virtual cockpit plus.

Drive Technology and Safety

This is also a very important consideration that we need to make. Both models provide advanced cameras and sensor systems that track the traffic and track to assist you while you are driving on the highway. Also, the 360-degree top view cam makes it possible to view 360 degrees while you are parking your car.

  • Tire pressure monitoring system that informs you about the tire pressure of your car.
  • Audi active lane assists with emergency assistance that increases safety.
  • The rear cross-traffic can be very dangerous at some times. The side assists make it possible to deal with it.
  • Excellent parking system that makes parking your Audi Q7 or Q8 much better and easier.
  • Electromechanical power steering provides accurate and easy steering.
  • Head-up display.
  • High-quality advanced airbag systems. 
  • LATCH child rear seat mounting system that provides excellent quality safety for your children.
  • Pre-sense to sense the front, basic and rear.

So both the Audi Q7 and Q8 come with excellent and high-end technologies that you can use while you are driving your car.

Which is Better Audi Q8 or Audi Q7?

So according to the comparisons and the general features that we explained above, this is the question that you need to ask yourself. As we stated above, if you are looking for practicality for your family, Q7 becomes the better selection. But if you are looking for higher internal quality and luxury than practicality, you can choose Q8.

Is the Audi Q8 Bigger Than the Q7?

No. The size of Q7 is much bigger than Q8. 2023 Q7 comes with 7 passenger seats and 3 rows of luggage system. And Q8 comes with 2 rows of luggage and 5 passenger seats.


As you see above, making a decision between these two models is very simple. You need to ask the your preferences to yourself and choose between Q7 and Q8.

If you have additional comments and questions about Audi Q7 vs Q8, please leave them below. Your precious feedbacks are very important to us!

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