Audi Oil Change Cost – What are the Prices?

For all vehicles, the oil change is a very important thing that you need to do. If you are curious about the Audi oil change cost, you can find the exact answer here.

How Much Does an Audi Oil Change Cost?

Audi Oil Change Cost

According to the different sources, the Audi oil change cost is between $140 to $170. Yes, I might sound a bit high. But if we consider the luxury car brand Audi, they are the normal prices that you can consider.

Engine oil is a very vital part of an automotive engine. The most important duty of the engine oil is to keep the automotive engine lubricated and cooled. So, the situation of engine oil is very important. When the time comes, you need to change the engine oil.

Costs Can Differ for Different Audi Models

As you know that there are different models of Audi. There are high-end models and normal models. For example, if you want to change the oil of your Audi car, the general prices will be between $150-$180 as you can expect from a high-end car.

But for Q5 and lower models, the Audi oil change cost will be between $110-$130. So, the model of your car affects the oil change costs in general.

Audi Oil Cost

The typical engine oil of Audi changes between $70-$80. Because you need to use special oil for the Audi engines which are specialized synthetic applications.

Labor Cost

 The labor cost is also important. It will be around $50-$75. Because, the labor includes draining the oil, cleaning the filter and housing systems of old oil, and adjusting the best level of oil in your engine. It requires some level of expertise.

Why Oil Changes are Expensive Audi?

The main reason for this, Audi is considered a luxury cars brand like BMW and Mercedes. You are driving a high end car that makes the maintenance costs higher than the other vehicles. For example, if we check the oil change prices of other normal passenger cars, they are generally between $25-$50 including the labor costs.

And also the oil applications that we use for Audi are generally specialized and higher quality applications.

How Often to Change Audi Oil?

The mileage that you need to change the Audi oil changes according to the driving behavior that you have. If you are driving your car in stop-and-go traffic, this will decrease the mileage that you need to change the oil. And also if you are driving your vehicle in dusty and hard terrains, the will make the like of engine oil shorter.

But if we need to give a specific mileage for an Audi oil change, this is generally 3000-5000 miles in most cases. This is generally equal to once a year.

What are the Symptoms That I Need an Oil Change?

There are different symptoms that you need to consider in the Audi oil change.

  • Decreased mileage: This is because the engine parts are not working well and are not lubricated well in general.
  • Burning smell: An old oil tends to be burned by the engine heat and this can create a burning smell in the cabin. You need to immediately change the oil.
  • Engine oil dashboard light: If you need to change the engine oil, the dashboard light is on. This is because the engine oil is old and you need to change it with new oil.
  • Engine noise: Very old oil can cause unusual engine noise. The primary reason for this is the not enough lubricated parts inside the engine.

Can I Save Money By Bringing Audi to Local Mechanic for Oil Change?

This is also a very common question that lots of Audi owners are asking. Probably you can save. But there is no warranty that they use the required oil for your engine. And there is no warranty that they used the required oil filter in your car. If you are sure that they are using the required systems, you will probably face the same prices.

If you are driving high-end cars like Audi, we recommend you bring your car to a local Audi service for all maintenance applications.

Can I Change Audi Oil By Myself?

If you want to get over the Audi oil change cost, maybe you can change the oil by yourself. But always we recommend you bring your Audi to a service for a regular oil change.


  • First of all, you need to park your car in a stable place. And make your hand brake on.
  • Let your engine cool for 15 minutes.
  • Open the hood of your Audi car.
  • You need to take the oil dipstick to control the situation of oil and the oil level. Take the dipstick and clean it with a towel. Attach it again, and take it again.
  • Check if the oil level is at the normal level. It must lie between the two lines at the tip of the dipstick.
  • And also check the color of your engine oil. The engine oil has a generally yellowish color. But if the color is brownish or black, you need to change your oil.

Steps for Audi Oil Change

  • First of all, you need to warm your engine. And this makes the old oil heat up and makes it easy to flow.
  • Shut your engine off.
  • By using a mechanical or hydraulic lifter, lift the front side of your Audi car. Make sure that you placed the system correctly. You need to be sure that you placed it on the chassis. And also take the required precautions such as cut-resistant gloves and safety glasses.
  • There will be a drain plug at the bottom side of your engine. It is generally below the oil sump. Place a container or oil pan below this.
  • And open the oil plug by using a proper wrench and let the old engine oil flow inside the pan.
  • Replacement of the oil filter is a harder step. Below the hood of your Audi, you can see the oil filter housing that is connected to the engine block you have. Open the housing and take the old oil filter from it. Clean this area with a towel.
  • Attach the new oil filter. And close the housing again.
  • Close the drain plug and de-install the lifter.
  • Add new oil to your Audi car. Be sure that the oil is the required oil. Check the user’s manual to find the required oil for your car. You need to frequently check the oil level with your dipstick to be sure that the oil level is normal.
  • Check the different components of the engine and see if there is an oil leak. If not, run your engine and test it.

In general, these steps require a level of mechanic knowledge. If you do not have one, just bring your car and pay for the labor cost J

Conclusion on Audi Oil Change Cost

These are the general things that we can state about the Audi oil change cost. If you have additional comments and questions about this topic, please leave them below. Your precious feedbacks are very important to us!

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