Blue Audi – Should You Buy It?

Blue car paint is one of the most chosen colors in general. And also most people are searching for Blue Audi designs. Here, you can find different kinds of blue Audis that make you decide much easier. And also we assess this painting in different aspects.

Why Blue Car Paint?

Aside from the aesthetic appearance, there are different advantages of blue car paint in general. Because of these advantages, most people are searching for blue car paints for Audi cars.

  • In terms of safety, the light tones of blue are very visible in general. And in traffic other drivers can easily spot you without any problem. And this makes it very desired colors. Also according to the different sources, the insurance policy prices are lower for light colors like this one.
  • If you choose an original blue tone for your Audi car, the resale value for it will be higher than usual. So, it will be very easy to choose the best application for yourself.
  • In terms of temperature control, blue car color is an intermediate color that you can choose. It will reflect a portion of the sun’s rays to prevent too hot an interior. And also it will not act as a white color completely. It represents the balance in terms of this aspect.
  • The blue color is affected by the weathering and fading much less than the other colors in general. So, you need to choose a good choice of application.


Also, there are different downsides of blue car paint that you need to consider in general. If you consider these points, it will be much easier to choose the right color for your Audi other than blue.

  • Also if you choose darker tones of blue for your Audi, visibility in low-light conditions will decrease. And this can cause certain problems in terms of the safety of your car. And also the insurance companies can charge a bit higher price than the lighter colors.
  • And blue color tends to show more dust and dirt if we compare it with the other kinds of colors. If you are considerate about the cleanliness of the surface of your car, this is an important thing that you need to consider.
  • Painting your car to blue color can cost higher than the other applications in general.
  • In terms of maintenance, the blue Audi color can be costlier than the other usual colors such as white and black.
  • In general, if you want to buy an Audi, the availability of blue color is not available like the other common colors.

Different Types of Blue Car Paint

There are also different types of blue car paints available if you paint your Audi with this color. These are the most common ones.

  • Metallic blue: The reflective quality of the metallic colors is generally superior. And if you apply the blue paint with metallic painting, the shiny appearance will be very attractive. It is a high-end painting application that requires additional maintenance costs.
  • Pearl blue: With the blue color, there will be an eye-catching pearlescent finish effect on your car. We need to state that it is a very high-end and expensive application. And also the maintenance and cleaning are not easy for this car.
  • Matte blue: Also matte paints are very common. And there are different blue Audi in the market with matte paint. The non-reflective finish provides a very goo vibe.
  • Electric blue: Shining and vibrant shades of this paint application is generally applicable to sports cars. So, if you have an Audi R8, you can consider this color.
  • Navy blue: If you want to catch a classic and sophisticated look, you can use navy blue which has dark and rich shades of blue at the same time.

So, there are other various types of blue car paint that you can apply to your Audi car.

Different Blue Audi Designs

Different Blue Audi Designs

This is the first blue Audi that we can introduce to you. As you can see above, the light tone of the blue application is applied to Audi A3. And it creates an eye-catching look if we compare it with the standard Audi colors.

Blue Audi s5

This is an also Audi S5 Sportback with Navarra blue color. This is an example of darker blue color that we can consider for this car. I think it is the favorite color for the sports cars that Audi manufactures.

And also, Audi A7 is manufactured in blue color as you see above. In the exhibition, you can see the middle tone of blue color with metallic paint. And it creates a very good vibe as you can see above. But… I would prefer black color for A7.

Blue Audi A3

This one is another Audi A3 Sportback that is manufactured in the same color. And I think this color is the exact fit for the Audi A3.

Here it comes the king of the Audi realm. The R8… What do you think about this color on R8? What about the matte blue color that will be the best fit for this car?

Blue Audi S3

The appearance of the blue Audi S3 in the street. It is very high likely to look at this car if you are a passerby. Because the blue color is a very attractive color for this car.

So as you can understand that Audi uses a standard midnight blue color in most of its cars. And also there is an application of a lighter tone as you see in the first photo.

Last Words on Blue Audi

We hope that this post is helpful in make a consideration about blue Audi for you. And choosing the best application is on you.

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