Welding Bed – Prices, Advantages and Features

In remote welding operations, people need some remote systems that can attach some kşnds of welding systems to the trucks and pick-ups. They are the welding bed applications that are very common in such systems. Here, we will talk about these applications that are very common in remote welding systems. 

What is Welding Bed? 

Welding bed.
Image source: CSTL Truck Beds.

A welding bed is a special flat surface that we can make welding operations in hand. The use of these applications is very common in most welding systems. So, you can use them for different kinds of applications. 

In general, we are using metal sheets and pipes, and other metal materials to hold them together to weld. And there are clamps and adjustable angles, and attachments that you can align these parts to the welding bed systems. 

Also, there are applications that are very common in remote welding operations. We install a welding bed on a truck or pickup. And we have a welding bed that we can carry with us to remote places. 

Advantages of Welding Bed on Trucks and Pick-Ups 

  • The first and most important advantage of them is, we can easily carry them with us to remote job sites without any problem. 
  • Also, the welding equipment that is set up on a truck is very easy to use and very useful for different kinds of emergencies. 
  • In general, we eqıip the trucks and pick-ups with other welding equipment such as generators, air compressors, and plasma cutters. So, it is very easy to apply the welding operations wherever you want. 

So, if you are thinking about making remote welding with your car, you can consider building a welding bed truck. 

Cost of Installation of Welding Bed on a Truck 

Do not forget that creating one of them according to your expectations is a very custoım job. So the price can vary according to the extra features that you want to add to the welding bed such as generators, and storage units of the equipment. 

Also, another important consideration is material. The steel systems can be cheaper than the aluminum applications. So, they are very useful for different kinds of applications. But aluıminum applications are generally lighter in weight. It is very important to consider these applications in most situations. 

But if we need to give a specific amount of cost for these applications, we can say that the installation of a welding bed on a truck costs between $2000-$15000 according to the different parameters that we stated above. 

Typical Applications That You Can Use 

They provide very good versatility for different kinds of applications. Among the different applications; 

  • Repair: The use of welding bed applications is very common in on-site repair jobs. For example, big machinery systems can be broken down. And you can bring the welding bed system to that machinery and make the repair application on-site. 
  • Construction: Also in building metal structures, the use of these applications is very common in general. Combining metal structures and creating different kinds of materials is very useful for different kinds of applications. 
  • Maintenance: In maintenance jobs in industrial manufacturing sites, the use oft he mobile welding bed applications is very common in general. 
  • Emergency: In emergencies, the use of these applications is very common. 

So, as you see that there are different kinds of situations in that we need the welding bed on pickup trucks. You can consider this thing as a main job if you know how to apply to weld. 

Important Equipment to Attach to Welding Bed 

If you want to build a welding application, there are different pieces of equipment that you need to attach to a welding bed. 

  • Brackets: These are the brackets that you will mount to the welding bed on the pickup or truck application. 
  • Hardware: Important parts and fasteners include the bolts nuts, washers, and other necessary hardware to secure the bed brackets. 
  • Welding equipment: Depending on the type of welding application that you will attach, you need to attach the TIG, MIG, or stick welding equipment on the truck or application. 
  • Welding accessories: Other accessories such as welding masks, welding gloves, and protective other accessories. And other accessories such as sticks. 
  • Compressor: If there are pneumatic tools that you are using in the welding operation, you need to install an important amoınt of a compressor. 
  • Generator: A power generator is very important that will provide the electricity for the welding operation. 
  • Other: Also you will need other tools such as grinders, plasma cutters, and other cutting torch applications. 
  • Safety kits: First aid kits, emergency lights, and fire extinguishers are other important parts that you need to consider about the weldings. 
  • Compartments: You will have lots of fasteners, screwdrivers, and other kinds of equipment. So, it is very important to have compartments where you can place different parts. 

Last Words 

So, they are very useful systems that we use in different kinds of applications. Building and working with them will be very useful and worthy for remote welding applications. 

If you have any problems or questions about the welding bed applications, please leave them below. Your precious feedbacks are very important to us. 

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