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Pipe Chain Clamps – What is It?

In welding, piping, plumping and fitting applications, we are using different kinds of clamps and systems to hold the different kinds of applications in line. And one of these systems is the pipe chain clamps. Here you can find summary information about them. So, it will be very easy to understand where you can use them.

What are the Pipe Chain Clamps?

pipe chain clamps.

Pipe chain clamps are the clamping systems that you can use in welding operations in different kinds of pipes. They help to align the different kinds of pipes in one orientation that you can use for different kinds of applications.

The general mechanism is, there is a chain system that holds the first pipe section. You can adjust the clamping force of that chain system to hold the pipe application in much better adjustment. Also, there are jack bars that you can easily adjust to attach to the other section of the pipe that you can want to connect. You can adjust the clamping force of these jack bars.

So with this connection, you will obtain a system that you can temporarily align the different pipe sections. And you can easily apply welding on these sections.

Advantages of Pipe Chain Clamps

There are different kinds of advantages of them over the other alignment systems.

  • Better alignment: The alignment of the pipe chain clamps will be much easier for different kinds of applications. They are very useful for different kinds of attachment systems of complex piping applications.
  • Different sizes: For different sizes and shapes of pipe systems, you do not need to use different kinds of other sizes of clamps. They are very good for attachment of different kinds of sizes.
  • East to adjust: In general you can easily adjust the sizes of the bars and the chain systems that you can use for different kinds of applications.


This is general information about the pipe chain clamps that we are using in the welding operations of the pipes and other applications. If you have additional comments and questions about them, please leave them below.

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