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Tru Connector – Company Working Areas and Products

They are the manufacturer of high voltage electrical connectors that they are selling their products around the world. Here, we will give some information about this company, its working areas, and the products that they are manufacturing and selling.

Tru Connector Manufacturer

Tro connector.

Tru Corporation is specialized to produce electrical connections for 60 years. They provide different kinds of high-voltage electrical connectors. And they are a renowned manufacturer of RF and microwave equipment.

The voltage range that this company works in is around 1-50 kW. So, they are very specialized to produce these applications.

Also, they are a manufacturer of high-voltage cables for outdoor applications. So, if you are thinking about building high-voltage applications in different areas, you can make contact with Tru Connector.

And they are based in Winchester England.

Areas and Applications

Different kinds of companies are using these different applications.

  • Military Applications: High voltage systems are very common in military applications in general. Harnessing military equipment with high voltage tru connector systems is a very common application in general.
  • Aerospace: In engine and power systems of the aerospace applications such as rockets and airplanes the use of high-voltage connectors and cables is generally common.
  • Semiconductor Industry: Also we are using different kinds of systems in the semiconductor industry.
  • Medical Industry: Also in tey manufacturing lines of the medical applications and industry, the use of high voltage tru connector systems is very common.
  • Electromechanical Systems: The power transmission and other heavy-duty hydraulic equipment, the electrical control of high voltages are very common. There are different companies that these systems are generally using are the common systems in general.

Important Features of Tru Connector Systems

RF Tru connector.

High voltage Tru connector systems have different kinds of features that we need to consider.

  • They show very good phase match properties in high-voltage applications.
  • The torsional and pulling strength of the high-voltage cables is superior.
  • They are RoHS Solder-free complaints.
  • The available frequency of these systems is very broad.
  • They can withstand moisture and pressure at a very high level.
  • In terms of safety, the designs are generally superior. They are compliant with different kinds of safety measurements in general.
  • The connectors are useful and compliant with different standard electrical applications.

Different Types of Products

Tru Corporation provides different kinds of products that you can use for electrical applications.

  • Between Series RF Adapters: They are the adapters that we use for connecting the interfaces that are working with different radio frequencies. And also they are used to convert the different radio frequency signals to each other such as in different frequencies. High-quality Tru adapters are generally very common in military applications.
  • Coaxial RF Cables: Also Tru company is one of the best manufacturers of the coaxial RF cables that we use to transmit radio signals and waves, especially in high frequency. So they are very common in communication systems such as radars and satellites.
  • RF In Series Adapters: In series, adapters are generally very common in RF interfaces. We generally use these adapters to create RF communication between the different interfaces and devices. And Tru connector is one of the most common manufacturers of RF in series adapters in general.
  • RF Custom Cable Assemblies: In general, RF communication systems are built for communication between the different systems. And these systems are generally made according to the standards. But in some cases, if there is a very high vibration or heat, there must be different custom designs will be required. Tru corporation provides custom cable assemblies for RF communication in unusual applications. Especially in military applications, the use of RF custom cable assemblies is very common.
  • RF Coaxial Panel Mount Connector: Panel mouınt connector systems are connecting the RF coaxial cables to the control panels and enclosures. The connections must be high in quality to transmit the RF signal from the cable to the panel or enclosure. Tru connector is a manufacturer of these RF coaxial panel mount connector applications.
  • RF Standard Cable Assembly: Unlike custom systems, the use of standard cable assembly applications for ordinary industrial systems is generally very common. You can contact the Tru connector engineers to assess the requirement of standard cable applications.

So as you see above, you can easily create different kinds of professional RF connection systems for military and industrial applications. They are very useful systems that you can consider in general.

Last Words on Tru Connector

So they are a very important manufacturer of high voltage connectors and cables. And also they are a very important seller of RF connection harnesses for communication systems.

They are serving in the military, aerospace, and another area that require high-voltage applications.

If you have any comments or questions about the tru connector applications, please leave them below.

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