400 HP Continuous Electric Motor Reviews from Different Sellers

Electric motors are a very important part of our civilization. And in general, they are used in different kinds of systems such as industrial systems and electric cars. For example for heavy-duty industrial systems, most people are searching for the proper 400 hp continuous electric motor. But there are lots of sellers available on the internet. Here we will make a basic comparison between these motors to find the best seller.

400 HP Continous Electric Motor Sellers

400 hp continuous electric motors are so common in industrial applications in general. And their general sizes are somewhat big if we compare them with the usual electric motors that we are comparing. For carriage systems, other manufacturing systems, and other systems, the use of these 400 hp continuous electric motors is very common.

Both in the US and other countries, there are different kinds of electric motor sellers available. But selecting the proper one is the hardest one. Here, we will give the different sellers and you can make an easy comparison.

WEG 400 HP Continous Electric Motors

It is a very important electric motor supplier in the US. They are producing a wide variety of electric motors. This is the 400 hp continuous electric motor that 3 phases.

WITMER 400 HP Continous Electric Motor
  • Current Price: $58000
  •  Of the other electric motor suppliers, this is maybe the highest price one.
  •  The center of the shaft is 11″ above the surface of the mounting. So, you can easily mount the different kinds of reducer gears.
  •  3 3/8 in diameter of the shaft.
  •  1785 RPM, 460V AC, 445 Amps, 447/9T frame, 60Hz
  •  It is usable at 208V.
  •  The motor service factor is 1.15
  •  Enclosed and fan-cooled motor design.
  •  Two shaft rotations are allowed: clockwise and counterclockwise.
  •  Cast iron frame electric motor frame.
  •  3283 lb of total weight.
  •  Nominal efficiency is 96.2%.
  •  Have CE, CSA, NOM, and UL standards.
  •  Comes with 5 years of manufacturer warranty. 
  •  HP at 50 Hz is 350 and full load Amps at 50 Hz is 461

PTJ Industrial 400 HP Continous Electric Motor

It provides a 400 hp continuous eşectric motor much lower price than the Grainger. Also, the general technical properties are the same with it. The general difference of it, it comes with 3 years of manufacturer warranty. 

PTJ Industrial 400 HP Continous Electric Motor

The only difference from the GRAINGER is something like 2 years of extra warranty. And you need to pay around $35.000 to get it extra manufacturer warranty. If the period of warranty is important for you, you can decide the GRAINGER over it. But if the finances are important, this selection will be much more logical.


This is another important industrial electric motor supplier. Also, it has a 400 hp continuous electric motor available for industries.


Also, if we take a look at the general technical features of the WEG 400 hp continuous electric motor, they are generally the same as the GRAINGER and PTJ industrial. But the main difference comes with the 18 month of manufacturer warranty. This is a very low period if we compare it with the other choices.

We can give another important example about the 400 hp continuous electric motors that WEG industries are producing.

WEG blue

Also, it has 5 years of the manufacturer’s warranty. In terms of the warranty period, it becomes one of the most profitable ones. So, if you are thinking about the maximum manufacturer warranty period with lower prices, it becomes the best in general.

Toshiba Higher RPM Motor

If you are looking for a higher RPM of electric motors, Toshiba provides 400 HP and 3600 RPM motors. Also, the general technical features are the same as the other motors in the market.

Toshiba Higher RPM Motor

It has a very high price. But it comes with the 3600 RPM. For example, if we think about the speed of the production line, this means that the general production will be two times more rapid. You need to make calculations and considerations if the installation of a 3600 RPM electric motor is feasible or not.

Also, it comes with the important Toshiba brand quality.

WITMER 400 HP Continous Electric Motor

This is another important motor manufacturer available in the market. It sells electric motors at the lowest prices. This heavy-duty electric motor has the same technical specifications in general.

WITMER 400 HP Continous Electric Motor

As you see from the price, this is one of the most cheaper 400 hp continuous electric motors available in the market. And also, it comes with 3 years of warranty. According to the price, this is one of the most optimized electric motors in terms of the warranty period.

And also, it is 3600 maximum RPMs. Toshiba is also 3600 RPM but in terms of price, it is much lower than the Toshiba.


As you see above, there are different kinds of manufacturers and sellers of electric motors. The prices of them also change according to the sellers.

The most important parameter here is the manufacturer’s warranty. Because you are buying a complex technical system. And if you are faced with any kind of problems, the most important businesses such as production will be hitched. So, the manufacturer warranty period is a very important parameter here. Most of the manufacturers are giving around 3 years to 5 years of warranties.

Also, there is a relation between the manufacturer’s warranty and the price. If you want to buy a 400 hp continuous electric motor, you need to pay a minimum of $30.000. And also,

The RPM is a very important parameter also. The most common one is 1800 RPM but you can find 3600 RPM electric motors in general. But do not forget that with the increasing RPMs the torque is lowered. The reducer expense will come if you buy 1800 RPM ones to increase its speed of it. You need to consider it while you are looking for alternatives.

These are the general points and reviews that we can provide for you. Finally, do not forget to leave your comments and questions below about the 400 hp continuous electric motors. Your precious feedbacks are very important to us!

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