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Duct Plug – Application and Types

We are using different kinds of items and objects for the sealing types of equipment. One of these items is the duct plug applications. They seem like very basic objects. But their uses are very common in general. Here we will take a look at these applications and their general types.

What is Duct Plug?

duct plug
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A duct plug is a system that we are using to seal the open ends of cables, pipes, conduits, and other systems. They are very useful in harsh environments in general. And if you order an optic cable or pipes, they will come with these applications.

They can seem like a very basic part. But they have very important applications and markets. Lots of people are searching for these applications.

Types of Duct Plug Systems

Also, there are different kinds of systems that are available in the market. Their general use is very common in different applications.

  • Fiber optic duct plug: As you understand from its name, we use these applications in fiber optic systems. They are beneficial applications.
  • Organizer plugs: These systems have multiple holes in one product. So you can attach them to various cables and pipes. They are beneficial for plugging multiple duct applications.
  • Non-metallic plugs: In the structure of these plugs, there are no metal parts in general. They are excellent systems that we can use for expandable duct applications. There is a plastic eye nut that you do not need to use any tool for the installation.
  • Tapered ducts: They are temporary applications. The sharp design makes it possible to attach to different applications in general.

Features of Duct Plug Applications

We need to expect some kinds of features from the duct plug applications in general.

  • The impact resistance must be very good for duct plug applications because they must withstand such stresses and loads while you are using and carrying the ducts and other applications.
  • They also must be corrosion-resistant because there is a probability that we can use them in corrosive environments.
  • Water and gas-tight feature. This is one of the most important features we need to expect from these applications. The main reason that we are using these applications is to prevent any fluid or corrosion resistance to the inner sides of the duct plug applications.
  • They must be removable and reusable in different kinds of applications in general.


These are the general points that we can state about these applications. They may seem fundamental parts but you need to be sure about some terms while you are looking for them.

Also if you have additional comments and questions about the duct plug applications, please leave them below.

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