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15 HP Electric Motor Selection Guide

15 hp electric motor.

Electric motors are very important applications in most industries and for other purposes. In general, the horsepower of the electric motor is one of the most important parameters that we need to consider about them. Here, we will take a look at the different 15 hp electric motor applications from different sellers.

15 HP Electric Motor Systems

There are different kinds of applications that we can use for the 15 HP electric motors. Around these applications;

  • Basic conveyor systems in the manufacturing lines,
  •  Pump and compressor systems of industrial applications.
  •  Moving and towing applications.
  •  Small industrial machinery.

And we can add much more application areas where we can use electric motors in general.

Important Points While Selecting 15 HP Electric Motor

There are different kinds of parameters that you need to consider about selecting 15 HP electric motor applications in general.

  • Certifications: Certifications and compliance with standards are very important. While you are designing a system, you need to know the general standards and certifications. And the electric motor system that you will buy must comply with these standards. For example, the US Department of Energy Regulations for EPACT Efficiency levels is an important one for electric motors.
  •  Phase, Frequency, and Voltage: You know that the US and Europe electrical grids are working in completely different phases frequencies, and voltages. For example, the grid voltage level of Europe is 230V and the frequency is generally 60Hz. But in the US, the grid voltage is 130V and the frequency is 50 Hz. While you are selecting a 15 HP electric motor, you need to take care of them.
  •  Insulation Class: If you are designing a system that it will commercially available, you need to define an insulation class for it according to the standards. So, you need to take care of the insulation classes of the electric motor that you will select.
  •  Maximum and Minimum Working Temperatures: Also, you need to be sure about the maximum and minimum working temperatures o the 15 HP electric motor that you will select. And the application that you will use is very important in that case.
  •  Shaft Dimensions: If you are looking for a specific system, you need to be sure about the output shaft of the 15 HP electric motor complies with the input of the system. And also, if you are designing a system from scratch, you need to choose a shaft diameter that is compatible with your system.
  •  RPM: The electric motor that you are looking for generally gives 15 HP power at the highest RPM value on the label. So, for example, if you are looking for an electric motor that is 3600 RPM, it serves 15 HP at 3600 RPM.
  •  Rotation Direction: This is also very important information about the electric motor system that you want to buy. Does it provide rotation in both directions? Or do you need rotation in both directions? Because the electric motor systems that provide rotation in both directions are generally higher in price.
  •  Structural Flanges: Probably, you will fix the 15 hp electric motor to a structure. And you need to be sure about the flanging system and the structure of the cage are suitable or not for the system that you are using.

Which Parameters Make the Price Difference?

If you check the market, you can find 15 HP electric motor systems from $1000 to $2500. And they are providing the same power. But some parameters provide this difference in general. These parameters are them;

  • Poles: With the increasing poles, the price of the 15 HP electrical motor systems increases. Because, with the increasing poles, the smoothness of the rotation increases. If you need precision and smoothness, you need to increase the number of poles.
  •  Rated Speed: In general the speed parameters are given as the RPM values. And the power declaration such as 15 Hp is generally declared according to this value. In the sector, you can find 1800 and 3600 RPM 15 HP electric motor systems. And if a system provides the same power with lower RPM, these systems are generally higher in price. So, it will possible to find the 1800 RPM 15 HP electric motors are higher in price than the 3600 RPM ones.
  •  Slip: This is also a very important factor. The lower the slip of the electric motor means higher the price. Because if the slip increases, the deflection of the rotational motion and the magnetic field increases. This can be a problematic issue in high accıracy applications. The slip of the 15 Hp motors generally ranges between 1-3%.
  •  Locked Rotor Torque/Breakdown Torque: These torque values are important parameters in terms of safety. Once the electric motor breakdowns, the shaft does not get loosen. The motor applies a torque value to hold the whole system. And higher these torque values, the better the safety of the electric motor. So the price increases.
  •  Degree of Protection: The degree of protection of the electric motor system from external conditions. The protection level is given as IPXY. With the increasing number of X from 0 to 6, the degree of protection increases. This provides much more safety than the other ones. So, with the increasing X number in 15 Hp electric motors, the price of them increases.

So, you will be able to assess the general prices of the 15 HP electric motor systems to select the best one for you. You need to know the general requirements of your design or your system and you need to define these values and correctly select one of them.


The most common manufacturers of 15 HP electric motor systems are; WEG, PTJ industrial, BOSCH, Mitsubishi, and others. You can get prices from their websites and compare the parameters.

Also, the warranty is a very important parameter. How many years that a manufacturer gives a warranty? While assessing the best one, you need to assess the warranty duration of the electric motor that you will buy.

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