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What is Split Duct and What are the Uses?

In electric works, we are using different kinds of applications and equipment to make different kinds of systems. Split duct systems are very special systems that we can use in cable covering applications. Here, we will delve into these systems.

What is a Split Duct?

It is a system that we are using for covering cables and other kinds of applications. They are very common in electrical applications and provide very good versatility.

These systems provide very good ultraviolet resistance that is very useful for cable applications. In general, you can find the 2″ and 6″ applications most commonly.

When we are installing the split ducts we generally use metallic strips to make it easy to apply.

How to Install the Split Duct?

Split duct installation.

The installation of these systems is very simple. You just need to place the first half part of the split duct to the underside of the cable. And place the smaller half section on the upper side of the cable. Apply the metal strips to this section.

After that, place the longer one-half right after the smaller duct half. Apply strap. So, you can easily extend the split duct application by applying this procedure again and again.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Split Duct Sytems

There are different kinds of advantages and disadvantages of these systems in general. You need to consider these factors while you re selecting a covering system for cables.


  • The most important advantage of split duct systems, they provide very versatility to repair the different sections of cables. For example, if you apply a continuous cover on a cable, you need to tear the cable cover to repair the cable section inside. But with split duct systems, you do not need to tear the material. You just need to rip off the section that you need to repair.
  •  They provide very good cover from the external and environmental situations of the cables.


  • These systems are generally made from discrete parts such as long and short halves and metal strips. They add extra cost to the system if we compare it with the continuous covers. If you apply these systems to these kinds of conditions, you need to apply sealings and other kinds of applications.
  •  Also, leakages at the connection sections can be a problematic issue in the open atmosphere.
  •  The installation is harder than the continuous covers.

Last Words

From the internet, you can find different kinds of sellers that are available. You can get quotes for the prices of split duct systems. Before deciding to use these systems, it is very important to consider these points about these systems.

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