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Electrical Metallic Tubing – Why We are Using Them?

In electrical applications, we are using different kinds of items and stuff to make safety at the highest level. Electrical metallic tubing systems are common applications in electrical applications. We use various of them in different systems. Here we will take a look at these systems that are available in the market.

What is Electrical Metallic Tubing?

Electrical metallic tubing.

Electrical metallic tubing systems are the systems that we are cover the electrical cables to make them safe from the outside environment. Also, people are calling these items EMT in the market. They are very good to prevent moisture, chemical attack, and impact on the electric cables.

Types of Electrical Metallic Tubing Systems

There are different types of these applications that we are using. These are the general types that we are classifying according to their materials coatings and wall thicknesses.

  • PVC Coated Tubings: These are the steel tubing applications that there is a PVC coating. The purpose of the PVC coating on these systems, is they provide very good corrosion resistance in corrosive environments.
  •  Galvanized Steel Tubings: Galvanized tubings are also very common. They are very rust-resistant in the open atmosphere. The majority of the electrical metalling tubing applications are galvanized.
  •  Rigid Metal Conduit: These are the rigid tubing systems that are designed for the high structural support for the electrical cables. If there are physical effects from outside on the cables, these tubing applications are very good.
  •  Intermediate Metal Conduit: Intermediate metal conduit applications are also very useful for electrical metallic tubing applications. They are thinner and lightweight applications for indoor systems.

These are the most general applications that you can find in the market. And they provide very good systems for the different applications.

Applications That We Use Electrical Metallic Tubing

There are different kinds of applications that we are using the electrical metallic tubing applications.

  • Electrical systems of buildings: The electrical cables are generally embedded inside concrete walls. And we are using electrical metallic tubing applications to cover the electrical cables inside the concrete.
  •  Communication: Communication cables are roaming around the city and other large areas that are open to different effects. According to the environment, they are using these applications to cover these cables.
  •  Fire protection: Fire and high temperatures can cause damage to the cables. Because of this issue, the use of fire-resistant tubing applications is very common in general.
  •  Machinery: Heavy machines generally have moving parts. And moving parts can harm the electrical cables. And the use of these applications is very common in most machinery.
  •  Undersea applications: To transfer electricity to the islands and off-shore systems, we need to transfer electricity through the cables. So, we are using these applications, in general, to withstand the corrosive media because of the seawater.

So, these are the general applications that we are using these systems.


As you see above electrical metallic tubing systems are very important systems for electric transfer and communication cables.

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