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Spring Lock Washer – Differences, Types and Materials

Washers are very important and basic parts of our machinery systems. We are using them for distributing the load of the fasteners over the material of the machine. Different types of spring lock washers are available. One of these types of the spring lock washer. Here, you can find a very good amount of information about these parts. Their advantages, materials, and other kinds of important points.

What is Spring Lock Washer?

Spring lock washer.

The spring lock washer is a type of washer that has a slightly conical shape if we compare it with the usual washers. This is a very important geometric feature that allows for reverse axial force to the fastener when you are attaching them. This force prevents the fastener from detaching because of the vibrations. Because the spring effect of that load prevents the ripping-off effect o the vibrational effects of fasteners.

But if we use the conventional washer to distribute the load, and if the system is vibrational, probably we have a problem with unfastening and loosening. It is an unwanted situation for the moving machinery. So, we are using the spring lock washer systems in the moving machinery to prevent any loosening.

But for moving and stationary systems, we do not need to use the spring lock washer. The conventional washer systems will be effective and useful.

This is the main difference between the spring lock washer and the conventional washer.

Different Types of Spring Lock Washers

According to the physical characteristics of the system that you are designing, there are different kinds of spring lock washer systems available.

Belleville Spring Lock Washer

The difference between this type from the conventional spring lock washers, there are serrations on the top of them. They are providing much better gripping between the socket head screws and nuts to prevent loosening.

There are different kinds and sizes available. You can find different inches and metric-sized o them from the regular sellers.

Spring Lock Washer for Slotted Bearing Nuts and Gear Systems

They are a very special type of them. The difference between this type of washer, there is tab geometry that contacts the gear and pulley keyway prevent and loosening of the slotted bearing nut parts.

Also, the teeth structure that they have, can hold the parts much more effectively.

Curved Types

Instead of conical shapes, there are curved types that have the same duty as the conical ones. You can decide according to the system that you are designing.

Plastic Washers

There are also plastic systems available for electrical insulation systems. While you are using the plastic nut and bolt systems for the electrical systems, you can use these washers.

General Materials and Coatings on Them

Also, you can find different materials and coatings for spring lock washer systems according to your needs. The environment in that you will use these washers will affect the material and the coating that they used for them.

  • 18-8 Stainless Steel: This is the most common material that is used as material for washers. This material has very good strength and has the magnetic property to provide much more easy application.
  •  Zinc-Plated Steel: The zinc coating at the outer layer provides very good corrosion resistance and moisture resistance that prevents any rust and corrosion in these kinds of environments. If you will use the spring lock washer in a corrosive environment, we recommend buying these.
  •  Plastic: In general, plastic ones are generally made from acetal which provides very good mechanical features and electrical resistance for the insulation systems.
  •  Black-Oxide Coating: This is another coating that they are using to prevent any corrosion and rust in high moisture environments. But Zinc plated ones perform better in completely wet environments.

Last Words

This is the general information about the spring lock washer systems. You can select according to your needs and the environment in which you will use them.

Also, there are online bulk suppliers that you can check their catalogs to select the best one for your application. If you have additional questions about this topic please leave them below.

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