Is Aftermarket Catalytic Converter Loud? OEM and Mufflers

Catalytic converters are the most debated topic in automobile communities. Most people renew or remove the catalytic converters from their cars. And some of them are asking the question of whether is aftermarket catalytic converter loud. Because aftermarket catalytic converters are generally cheaper to remove the converters.

Is Aftermarket Catalytic Converter Loud? Is It True?

Catalytic converter.

It depends on the brand of the aftermarket catalytic converter. You need to take a look at the application examples of these catalytic converters. But in general, the high-quality brands are not loud as expected by the people.

You can also consider to OEM catalytic converters of your car if you are suspicious about the loud catalytic converter sound of the aftermarkets.

How Many the Price Difference between Aftermarket and OEM?

Also, giving an exact answer to it is very hard. But in general, you are paying much less to the aftermarket catalytic converters than the OEM. For example, if you prefer an aftermarket catalytic converter, you can save between $1000-2000 according to the brand of your car. And if you re using a luxury car, the price difference will be much higher.

But there are lots of rumors that the aftermarket catalytic converters are loud. In general, they are not loud. You need to choose high-quality aftermarket brands instead of the cheapest ones.

Is Deleting the Catalytic Converter a Solution?

You can also consider deleting the loud catalytic converter rather than attaching an afteröarket catalytic converter if you are thinking about the sound. But it is not a complete solution. If you delete the catalytic converter of your car, your car will make much more noise compared to before. Because cataşytic converters are acting as noise damping in your exhaust system.

But many people are mixing the catalytic converters that are used for noise decrement in exhaust systems. That’s wrong. The general purpose of the catalytic converter is to the reducing the harmful gases in the atmosphere. So, it is illegal to delete the catalytic converter from your car.

And also, when you are choosing a catalytic converter, it must have an EPA standard. So, you can use it in your car. But for car tuners, there are other important benefits of deleting catalytic converters.

  • If you delete the catalytic converter from your exhaust system, the car will gain 15-30 HP from it. Because you are removing a barrier on the exhaust gases. But the downside is, your car will be very loud and it is illegal to do it. You can face lots of problems and penalties.
  •  You can have a minor improvement in fuel efficiency. But if we think about the harmfulness to the environment, it does not worth it.
  •  Also, if you remove the catalytic converter, you need to make an extra tune to your car which will be a minor cost to you.
  •  Also the prices of the deleting catalytic converter from your car with the tune, you need to pay between $500-1000.

Changing Catalytic Converters with Mufflers?

Mufflers are the extra systems in your exhaust system that act as silencers. Some people can think about deleting the loud catalytic converter and adding a muffler to remove the sound. This can sound sensible but it is also illegal to make this. Also, you need to consider these points about the mufflers;

  • Mufflers are more pricey than aftermarket catalytic converters. But if you are not sure about is aftermarket catalytic converters loud, you can consider a muffler.
  •  Mufflers generally take less HP if we compare them with catalytic converters.
  •  Also, mufflers need EPA standards.
  •  The durability of the mufflers is a question.

Aftermarket Catalytic Converter versus Mufflers

First of all, you need to consider that you need to have catalytic converters in your car legally. But if you take that risk, we can make a comparison between the mufflers and aftermarket catalytic converters;

  • Mufflers are generally higher in price. You will probably pay $100 higher than the after-market catalytic converters.
  •  Deleting the catalytic converter and attaching a muffler is illegal.
  •  You will gain by attaching a muffler instead of loud catalytic converters about 15 HP power.
  •  The durability of the muffler is a question.
  •  A muffler is a complete solution to the noise problem in your exhaust system.

OEM or Aftermarket Catalytic Converters?

Choosing the OEM catalytic converters is the complete solution to both the sound problem that you are suspicious about the aftermarket catalytic converters. And you will be sure that you are within the legal boundaries. But you need to consider these points;

  • OEM catalytic converters are much higher in price than mufflers and aftermarket ones.
  •  OEMs are the complete solution toı is aftermarket catalytic converters’ loud question.

Muffler vs. OEM Catalytic Converters


These are the two different solutions to the sound problem that you are curious about the aftermarket catalytic converters in general.

  • Both OEM catalytic converters and mufflers are the complete solution to the sound and noise problem.
  •  OEM catalytic converters are much higher in price than mufflers.
  •  Deleting a catalytic converter with a muffler is illegal. It is up to you if you take that risk.
  •  You will gain around 10 HP power if you change the catalytic converter with a muffler.

Attaching Muffler and Aftermarket Catalytic Converter

Do not forget that like catalytic converters, mufflers are reducing the horsepower that you are getting form your car. You can think that attaching a muffler with an aftermarket catalytic converter. But you will lose lots of horsepower from your car.

  • You will comply with legal issues and sound problems at the same time with this attachment. But you will lose horsepower.

What Do I Need to Do?

So, different parameters arise in this question. While thinking about these parameters, we assume the aftermarket catalytic converters are loud.


If you have a low budget to change the catalytic converter with OEM, you can consider high-quality aftermarket brands to remove the noise in your exhaust system. And also you can think of attaching a muffler with it. But you will lose horsepower.


If the horsepower is an important parameter for you, can delete the catalytic converter completely. But you will have a sound problem. You can attach a muffler to remove this sound. And you will gain 10HP. But liability problems arise in that case.


If you are suspicious about aftermarket catalytic converters loud, you can consider the OEM or muffler replacement. The muffler is lower in price but illegal. OEM catalytic converter is very high in price in general.

So the best solution to this question; you can consider the highest quality aftermarket catalytic converters in general. According to the brand of your car, you need to make a very good research about the best aftermarket solutions.

Conclusion on Catalytic Converter

Our recommendation over this topic does not to hesitate to take an aftermarket catalytic converter from quality brands to save money. You will not face nay problems with them. While you are selecting around the different brands, do not select the cheapest ones in general.

Also, you can ask your mechanic about this topic. You will get the same result and the same answer for this question. You need to consider the legality issues while you are making a change on your car. Because you can face very bad money penalties bicycle you removed this part of your car.

These are the general points that we can state about the aftermarket catalytic converters loud question. Finally do not forget to leave your comments and suggestions below about this topic.

Your precious feedbacks are very important to us!

FAQs about Catalytic Converter

How good are aftermarket catalytic converters?

It changes according to the different brands. You need to consider the different kinds of things while you are selecting a catalytic converter. In general, the known and highest price of aftermarket catalytic converters are best in terms of performance. But, if we compare it with the OEM ones, they can not show the same performance as the original parts.

Do catalytic converters make your car louder?

No. The prime duty of the catalytic converter in your car is, reducing the harmful gases and emissions to the environment. And also, act silencers in your car. So, catalytic converters are not making the cars louder.

How long will an aftermarket catalytic converter last?

If you buy a high-quality aftermarket catalytic converter, you can expect 5-10 years of lasting duration from them. But no aftermarket manufacturers are giving any warranty like the OEM ones.

What is the difference between OEM and aftermarket catalytic converters?

OEM catalytic converters are the original part of your car that is produced with your car. Aftermarket catalytic converters are not the original part of your car. They are produced with different and lower prices of materials to obtain it the much cheaper way. So, they are not lasting like the OEM ones.

Is a cheap catalytic converter worth it?

No. You can have sound problems with the cheap ones from your exhaust systems. It is best to look for the highest quality aftermarket ones.

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