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Triple Square Bolt Systems – Uses and Guide

We are using bolt applications in different kinds of engineering systems. They are very useful systems that we are creating different kinds of fastening applications. One of these bolts is the triple square bolt application. Here, we will explain the general points about them, their uses, and their general features.

What is Triple Square Bolt?

Triple square bolt.

Triple square bolt is a special bolt application that has a 12-sided shape at the head of the bolt. This shape comes from the alignment of the 3 square shapes. This application provides much higher torque application in heavy dıty applications. So, they are generally usefulş systems for different kinds of heavy duty and industrial applications.

Also, we call these systems 12-point screws. In selecting these systems, generally, we have different kinds of selection parameters.

  • In general, they are manufactured in full-threaded and partially-threaded ways. In the fully threaded geometry, the thread starts right below the head of the bolt. And the partially threaded systems, the thread geometry starts after a shank from the head of the screw. So, if you have a hole in the first part where there is no thread, the use of partially threaded systems is much more useful in general.
    • Also, there are two materials are available for these systems. Alloy Steel: They are very good in terms of strength. And also they are coated with black-oxide which provides very good corrosion characteristics in dry environments.
    • 18-8 Stainless Steel: In terms of strength and corrosion and rust resistance, stainless steel applications are much better than alloy steel applications.
  •  And also you can find the diameters according to the inches and metric.
  • Tensile strength is also a very important parameter. Whatever kind of strength you are expecting from the triple square bolt applications is up to you. There are bolt applications that can have tensile strength values up to 180000 psi.
  • Head diameter, head height, and flange diameters are other design parameters that you need to specify according to your design.
    • Thread spacing is also very important. At the catalohıes of manufacturers of triple square head bolt systems, there are two selections; Coarse Threaded: The spacing between the thread geometries is higher in general. The ıse of coarse threads is common in the industry.
    • Fine Thread: If you want to obtain a vibration-free application, you can have a fine-threaded triple square head bolt that has little spacing between the thread geometries.

Applications of Triple Square Head Bolt Systems

There are different kinds of applications that we are using these bolts;

  • Heavy machinery: In the industry, we are using triple-head square bolt applications in general. They are very good systems that you can use for different kinds of systems. The use o triple square head applications ar every common in heavy machinery.
  • Heavy-duty stamping machines: Also, they are very good at bearing heavy loads for moving stamping systems.
  • Bulldozers and excavators: Also the use of the triple square head bolt is very common in the applications like bulldozers and excavators.


So, these are the general points that we can state about the triple square head bolt applications in general. They are very basic but very special systems. If you have additional comments and questions about this topic, please leave them below.

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