Diablo Hole Saw Kit Review and Comparison

Hole saw kits and hole saw machines are very common in woodworking and metal working industries. Lots of people are using these kits in general. Here, we will take a look at the general aspects o the Diablo hole saw kit. And you can decide to buy one of them or other alternatives.

Diablo Hole Saw Kit

12 Pieces Hole Saw Kit

12 Pieces Hole Saw Kit

  • Hole saws with drill bits.
  • 12 different sizes.
  • Best for thin metal and wood cutting applications.

This is one of the most common hole saw kits that you can find for Diablo. For hole-cutting operations, you can use this high-quality set in woodworking and thin metal drilling applications.

  • They have drill bits that make the placement o the tool to a specific center much easier.
  • It is best for thin metal cutting and woodworking applications.
  • Carbide material tools provide very long tool life for different kinds of applications in general.
  • It is an industrial grade that you can use in wood working workshops in heavy-duty projects.
  • There are different options; 7 pieces, 9 pieces, 12 pieces, and 13 pieces of wood cutting operations.
    •  The package includes these sizes; 18mm(45/64”),
    •  20mm(25/32”),
    •  24mm(15/16”),
    •  28mm(1-1/8”),
    •  30mm(1-3/16”),
    •  35mm(1-3/8”),
    •  38mm(1-1/2”),
    •  45mm(1-25/32”),
    •  50mm(1-31/32”),
    •  55mm(2-5/32”),
    •  65mm(2-9/16”),
    •  75mm(2-15/16”),
    •  2 hex keys,
    •  Individual mandrels
    •  Individual package for each hole saw.
  • Bi-metal construction provides anti-corrosion and dulling action that you can use for long times.
  • With the elliptical slot design that it includes, the removal of material from the holes is much easier. And also it provides very efficient cooling properties.
  • You can use the Diablo hole saw kit in different kinds of applications such as wood, aluminum, plastic, and metal.
  • It is not recommended to use concrete, which is metal parts and tiles. These blades are convenient for thin metal and woodworking applications.

Alternatives to Diablo Hole Saw Kit

You can also find some kinds of alternatives to the Diablo hole saw kit.

Royars 20 Pieces Hole Saw Kit

Royars 20 Pieces Hole Saw Kit

  • 20 pieces of hole saws.
  • Fast and durable applications.
  • High-speed steel material.

This is a very good alternative that you can consider instead of the Diablo hole saw kit set. This Royar set is universal and you can easily use the different kinds of materials in general. So, it will be very easy for you to use them effectively.

  • The bi-metal design of high-speed steel blades is very durable and long-lasting in hole drilling operations in general. In most o industrial cutting tools, the use of high-speed steel is very common.
    •  In the package, you can find these 20 pieces of different sizes and parts;3/4 “(19mm),
    •  7/8 “(22mm),
    •  1 “(25mm),
    •  1-1/8 “(29mm),
    •  1-3/8 “(35mm),
    •  1-1/2 “(38mm),
    •  3/4 “(44mm),
    •  2 “(51mm),
    •  2-1/4 “(57mm),
    •  2-3/8 “(60mm),
    •  2-11/16 “(68mm),
    •  2 arbors,
    •  4 pilot bits,
    •  2 hex keys,
    •  1 pair of gloves.
  •  You can easily obtain bore depths up to 38 mm without any problem.
  •  The arbor provides a very good quick change system for the replacement of the different saws.
  •  It comes with a 30-day of money-back warranty.

If we compare it with the Diablo hole saw kit, it is much lower in price. And if we make a calculation that you will pay less per part than the Diablo. But if you have a budget problem, you can consider Diablo.

Diablo versus CPROSP Cheap Hole Saw Kit

21 Pieces of Cheap Diablo Hole Saw Kit Alternative

21 Pieces of Cheap Diablo Hole Saw Kit Alternative

  • 21 pieces of different hole saw kits
  • Carbon steel material
  • Compatible with wood, aluminum, and plastic.

This is the cheap alternative to the Diablo hole saw kit that you can find on Amazon.com. It comes with 21 pieces of different saws and other arbors that you can use in heavy-duty applications.

  • The set includes 13 different sizes of hole saws; 3/4″,
  • 7/8″,
  • 1″,
  • 1-1/8″,
  • 1-1/4″,
  • 1-1/2″,
  • 1-3/4″,
  • 2″,
  • 2-1/2″,
  • 3″,
  • 3-1/2″,
  • 4″,
  • 5″,
  • 2 Mandrels;
  • 2 Hex Key;
  • 3 Install Drill Bit;
  • 1 Install Plate;
  • 1 Storage Box
  • It is made from heat-treated carbon steel. But they do not have the bi-metal construction that will give the same durable performance as the Diablo hole saw kit.
  • The teeth are super sharp and you can easily cut different materials such as engineered wood and plastic.
  • With the hex key and arbor, the replacement is very simple.

If we compare it with other ones, it is a very cheaper alternative. If you have a budget limitation you can easily consider this one. But you need to know that the material strength is better for the Diablo hole saw kit if we compare it with this alternative.


As you see above there are different kinds of alternatives available for the Diablo hole saw kit. And in terms of price, it is generally highest in the price. Because it provides very good material strength that you can use for heavy-duty applications.

But also, if you do not want to give lots of money to the hole saw kit, you can consider the other cheaper alternatives. They will also be serviceable for most jobs.

And also nearly most o the sets include the same sizes and number of hole saw kits. They have a maximum of 13 pieces of hole saw kits in different sizes. You can consider them in different ways in general.


These are the general considerations about the Diablo hole saw kit. And we compared the prices and performance with the other brands. You can choose the best one for you for different kinds of applications.

If you have additional questions and comments about this set, leave them below.

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