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Jack Bolt Applications – Uses and Advantages

There are different types of fasteners that we are using in mechanical applications. Different fasteners provide different advantages. One of these applications is the jack bolt application. Here we will summarize these systems that are available in different applications. And also, check the different parameters such as materials, geometric considerations, and other important parameters to select the best jack bolt application for your system.

What is Jack Bolt?

Jack bolt.
Jack bolt

It is a long stud that we use for the connection of different parts in place. And we use the hydraulic system for tightening the jack bolts. The difference comes from the hydraulic system connection for these systems.

They provide very good structural integrity to big assemblies. And they prevent aby bending stress and tensile stress for the parts to be connected.

What Are the Advantages of These Systems?

There are different kinds of advantages to these systems. The most important advantage, they provide a very good connection between the different big parts. And we can fasten these different parts with only one stud.

They are very easy to operate. You can easily rip off them by using a standard pneumatic driver.

They prevent the bending stress that can be disastrous for the systems.

Applications of Jack Bolt

There are various kinds of uses for these systems.

  • Automotive: In the tire connections o the big trucks, you can see the jack bolt applications. Mechanics rip off these parts with pneumatic systems. They provide very good structural support for the tire and other powertrain applications in general.
  •  Electrical Systems: The use of jack-bolt systems is very common in electrical applications. This is because their use is very common in the connection of cables and electrical structures.
  •  Marine Applications: Marine applications are the most common applications that we use jack bolt systems. They provide very good structural integrity for the engine systems.

Materials of the Jack Bolt Applications

There are different materials for the jack bolt applications are available. While you are selecting the jack bolt applications, it will be better to consider these materials.

  • Steel: One of the most common materials for jack bolt applications. Steel is a very high-strength material that you can use even toughest applications. But plain steel is not resistant to rust.
  • Stainless Steel: The strength is the same as plain steel. But the chrome addition makes it much more durable against rust and corrosion. It will be much better to choose the stainless steel material.
  • Bronze: Bronze is a copper-tin alloy that has very good electrical characteristics. And also corrosion and rust resistance is very good. But in terms of strength, bronze material is lower than steel.
  • Brass: It is a copper and zinc alloy that has low material strength. But the electrical and corrosion resistances are superior.
  • Aluminum: There are jack bolt applications that are made from aluminum alloy materials. But the mechanical strength is not good enough to take lots of loads.

Other Important Considerations about Jack Bolt Systems

While you are selecting the jack bolt applications, it will be very good to consider the parameters below.

Measurement System

Inch and metric systems are the common systems while you are selecting jack bolts. On the metric system, the classification of this bolt application starts from the M2 and goes to M40 or more. The number designates the diameter of the threaded section of these bolts.

And also, the inch measurement system is very common. You can find different diameters in inches.

Thread Type

In the industry, there are different thread types are available. It is important to select the most common thread type for these bolt applications that you will use. So, selecting the correct system is a very important thing.

Around the common thread types, you can find UNC, Metric, ACME, NPTF, and others.


Also, length is a very important thing to consider about the jack bolts. You can find lengths starting from 1″ to 10″ applications. You just need to take a look at the manufacturer’s catalogs to find the best lengths.

Head Type

In general, there are two types of heads for these bolt applications.

  • Hex: The head style of the bolt application is hex. So, you need to use hex sockets to detach or attach them.
  • Square: Also the square application is very common. You need to use square sockets to remove them.


Choosing the correct hardness value for the jack bolt applications is very important also. You need to make the required engineering calculations to select the best hardness value for the jackpot applications. According to the Rockwell hardness values, you can find different strengths of these applications.

Thread Pitch

Thread pitch is the total distance between the two frequent thread edges. So, you need to select the correct thread pitch value for the jack bolt application that you buy.

Thread Direction

Also, the thread direction is a very important parameter. Which direction that you want to rip off or rip on the jack bolt application? There are different sellers proving both left-hand and right-hand threads for the jack bolt systems.

Last Words

There are different kinds of worldwide manufacturers of these systems. You check their catalogs to select the best one for you. If you consider the general points and parameters that we stated above about the jack bolt applications, the selection will be very easy for you. And also, you need to consider which kind of application that you will use them. Because the application will affect the material and the strength of the jack bolt application.

If you have additional questions about them, you can leave your questions below. And also if you have any experience with these parts, your precious feedback will be very useful to us.

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