Speedometer Cable in Cars – Everything to Know

We are seeing the speed of our cars from the speedometers. And old speedometers have an analog needle that shows the speed of the car from a dial plate. Also, the working principle of these speedometers is very simple. They are working with a speedometer cable that we will explain here. Here, you can find detailed information about the speedometer cable that we are using in our cars.

What is Speedometer Cable?

If we take a look at the working principle of the old analog speedometers, there is a cable that extends from the back of the speedometer dashboard to the gearbox of our car. This is the cable that transmits the rotational speed of the gears with a mechanism to the speedometer dial plate. So this cable is a very important part of the speedometer that we are reading the speed.

Repairing the Broken Speedometer

First of all, if the speedometer does not work, we can not say that the speedometer cable is not working. We need to examine the situation. But in most cases, the speedometer failures are generally caused by the speedometer cable.

Needle Does Not Move

This is the first problem that you can face with the speedometer that you have. If the needle does not move, the problem is probably the cable.

You need to check the connections of the cable between the speedometer dashboard and the gearbox connection. Because the connection is between these two ends. There are two square ends o the cable on these two different ends. If these square ends are rounded, this can be the possible problem that you are facing with your cable.

Also, you need to check if the connections are good or not. If the connections are loose, this can be the real cause of the problem.

Needle Swings

This is another problem that you can face with the car that you have. If the needle swings irrationally while you are driving your car, you need to check if the speedometer cable is kinked, broken, or not. There is a metal lining inside a sheath of the cable. Rıotate one end and see if the other end rotates. If it is not rotating with the rotating end, the cable is broken.

And also, gearbox oil can make dirty the cable connection. You need to rip off the cable and clean it inside the cable so that it can move freely inside the sheath.

Speedometer Cable Prices

Most people think that speedometer cables are universal in general. But they are not. According to the type and the model o the car, the end fittings of the speedometer cables change. You need to change them with different kinds of cables.

If you want to change it, you need to be sure that the connection ends are the same as the new one. If you are sure about that, you can buy it.

ATP Speedometer Cable

ATP Speedometer Cable

  • Performs like OEM part.
  • Have necessary brackets and grommets.
  • Comprehensive package.

For example, it is a high-quality polymer insulated speedometer cable that you can find on But if you can replace it, you need to pay for the labor cost to a mechanic. But replacement is very simple.

So, if you want to replace it, you just need to pay $25-30 for all the business.

Dorman 10104 Universal Speedometer Cable Kit

Dorman 10104 Universal Speedometer Cable Kit

  • 113 inches in total length.
  • Universal fit.
  • Direct replacement.

This is also another universal speedometer. But you need to check if end connections to be sure about it. It is 113 inches for bigger applications such as trucks and buses. And it comes with lubricant. While you are replacing it in your car, do not forget to apply proper lubrication to them.

Last Words

These are the general important points about the speedometer cables that you have in your car. If the old speedometer is broken and does not work, you will not pay lots of money for the cable replacement.

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