Refrigerated Air – What is That? Advantages, Disadvantages

In the cooling systems of our homes, we are using different systems in general. But in general, these different systems have generally the same working principles. One of these cooling mechanisms is refrigerated air systems. Here, we will take a look at refrigerated air cooling systems and their general advantages, disadvantages, uses, and systems. 

What is Refrigerated Air Cooling? 

Refrigerated air.
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Refrigerated air cooling is a system that general air conditioning systems are very using. In essence, they take the air from the outside to the inside of the home or environment. They are generally systems that have a working fluid that is circulating inside the system. It is a special working fluid that we use in different pressurizing and evaporative circulation. When it evaporates it draws heat from the environment. The working principle is the same if we compare it with refrigerators. 

And there is a fan system that takes the air from outside. And directs this air to the evaporators that make the air chill. The conditioner gives this cooled air inside the home. Also we call this air refrigerated air. 

What is Evaporative Cooler? An Alternative to This System 

Also, some systems work ins away. But these coolers are using the air inside the environment. Do not take air from the outside. This means that cooling takes place for the air inside the home. 

Most people decide on these coolers for their homes. 

Advantages of Refrigerated Air 

There are different advantages that we need to consider about refrigerated air systems. 

  • The first advantage is, we are pumping cool and fresh air from the outside to the environment. It is very important to adjust the oxygen levels and the moisture in a good way. So, if you want fresh and cool air inside your home, you can consider the refrigerated air system in your home. This is the most important advantage of refrigerated air systems over evaporative cooling systems. 
  • Also, the adjustment of moisture is very important for health. When you respire in a closed environment, the moisture levels increase. So, the fresh air inside the home will decrease the air. But evaporative cooling systems can not adjust the moisture level inside the home. 

Disadvantages of Refrigerated Air 

  • If there is a person in your home that has an allergy, refrigerated air systems can be a problem. Because the pollens inside the refrigerated air can cause allergies for these people. If there is an allergic people or if you have an allergy to fresh air, you can easily use the evaporative cooling systems. Evaporative cooling systems will not bring the allergic pollens and substances that come with the fresh air. 
  • Another important consideration is, the cooling costs will be very high for very hot and wet days. Because the machine must consume much more energy to cool the high moisture and hot air to the intended levels. But the evaporative coolers are directly using the air inside the environment. And they will not consume energy like refrigerated air systems. 

Which One Do I Need to Choose? 

Air conditioning working principle.
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It is completely up to you which one you need to choose. There are different advantages that we explained above. And you need to consider these advantages and disadvantages according to your situation. 

Applications that We Use the Refrigerated Air Systems

Also, we would like to give the application examples of these systems so that they can give important insights about selecting the correct systems. 

  • Warehouses: In the cooling of the warehouses, the use of these systems is generally very common. Because the temperature control for these applications is very easy and feeding the environment with fresh air is very important to prevent toxicity. 
  • Sports areas: Also closed sports areas are generally using these systems to feed the area with fresh and conditioned air both for sporters and the people watching. 
  • Food industry: Also feeding the environment which is full of food with fresh and conditioned air is very important to prolong the life of the foods and beverages. 

So, we can understand that nearly all modern cooling systems are using refrigerated air cooling applications. 

Applications That We Use Evaporative Cooling Systems

There are also different applications we use the evaporative cooling systems in general. They are generally advantageous in hot and dry climates.

  • Offices and homes: In hot and dry climates, the use of evaporative coolers are very common. 
  • Agriculture: In greenhouses, it is very important to maintain the environment and air inside the greenhouse. So, the use of evaporative coolers is very common in these systems. 
  • Livestock barns: TO minimize energy expenses, the use of these applications is very common in livestock barns. Also in some storage facilities, they are using these systems in general. 

Refrigerated Air and Evaporative Cooler Systems in Terms of Price

Evaporative cooler.
Evaporative cooler system. Image Source: Premier Industries

There are various factors that we need to consider if you are looking for a price comparison between these systems. In general, the brand, capacity, and extra features on the systems can vary the price of these systems. 

But we can say that evaporative cooling systems are generally lower in price. Because they have much more basic systems and also operational costs are lower than refrigerated air cooling systems. 

If we check the prices of the evaporative cooler systems, the general range is $400-$2500 according to the capacity of the system. And also you can build a basic system in your home for $500. 

Also, refrigerated air systems generally range between $2500-$11.000 or more. Because they have more complex systems and the installation costs are generally higher than the evaporative coolers. 

General Considerations that You Need to Make 

Also, you need to look for other important factors if you are selecting a cooler system for a house or environment. 

  • Size and capacity: You need to know the capacity that the system can cool. Which volume of is that these refrigerated air systems can cool? You need to assess the room or home that you will install and choose a system for it. Do not select an over-capacity system that will waste money also. 
  • Energy efficiency: Check the SEER of the cooler. With the increasing SEER, the energy efficiency of the cooler system increases. 
  • Noise: Also if youı are looking for a cooler system in your office or your home, it is very important to select a system that will not create lots of noise levels. 
  • Features: What are the additional features that you want from a refrigerated air cooler system? A programmable thermostat, air purification, and remote control are the additional features that you are looking for in a typical system. 
  • Warranty: Check the brands that are giving the most comprehensive and long warranties. And check for customer support if they are working well or not. 

So the selection of the correct system will be very easy for you with this guide. 

Last Words about Refrigerated Air Cooling 

With this guide, we tried to explain all the important points about selecting the best cooling system for the application that you are looking for. So, it will be very easy to choose the best application that you are looking for.

If you have additional comments and questions about this topic, please leave them below. 

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FAQ About Refrigerated Air 

What is refrigerated air? 

Refrigerated air is a system that cools the air outside the room and pushes this air inside the environment. This is the main working principle of refrigerated air. 

How much does refrigerated air cost? 

According to the different sizes and capacities, you can install one of these systems between $2500-$10000 including all the expenses. 

Is refrigerated air worth it? 

It changes according to your situation. If you are living in a warmer climate and if you need fresh and cool air in your home, it is worth it. 

Why refrigerated air is so expensive? 

The general reason for this, there are generally complex systems are used in refrigerated air systems. And the installation costs of these systems are generally very high. 

Is refrigerated are same as AC?

In general, they are the same systems. In air conditioning systems adjustment of the temperature and the air are generally adjusted according to both inside and outside air. 

Is refrigerated air expensive to run? 

Yes, in general, the bill will be higher if you run one of these systems instead of swamp coolers. 

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