Spiral Duct Hanger – Uses and Types

Spiral duct systems are very common in the industry and HVAC applications of big buildings. So, it is very important to have spiral duct hanger systems to place them accordingly. Here, we will take a closer look at these systems that are available in the market.

What is Spiral Duct Hanger?

spiral duct hanger

It is a special system in that we are hanging the spiral ducting and piping equipment to the walls and ceilings. And they provide good structural stability to these duct equipment.

In general, manufacturers are producing these systems as universal clamps. In their systems, there is a clamp system that we are fitting to the spiral duct, and connecting that clamp to the ceiling.

Y-Fit Spital Duct Hanger

Instead of the standard changing clamps, they are the hanging equipment that has two edges to attach to the HVAC and piping equipment. They provide much better fitting to the broad and high-volume systems to hang to the ceiling.

O Spiral Duct Hanger

Also, these are the hanging systems that are wrapped around the spiral duct to provide muıch better structural stability.

Pipe Hangers

Also, they are other types of hanger systems that they wrap around the pipes. There are two bolt systems at the sides, and we are clamping the two halves of the hanger to attach the spiral duct systems. And from the upper side, the spiral hanger is attached to the ceiling.

You can find different kinds of diameters according to the standards.

Tear Drop Hangers

This is another type that we are using in hanging applications. The teardrop hangers are universal and there is a one-bolt attachment at the top side. And directly connected to the ceiling.

Wall Mounts

If you want to mount a spiral duct application to a wall, you can use the special wall mount clamps that you can directly attach to the walls.

Use of Threaded Rods for Spiral Duct Hanger Systems

Stainless steel ropes are very common for hanging applications in general. But the use threaded rods can be very useful. For height adjustments for the spiral ducts, the use of threaded rods is very common. You just need to turn the rod to adjust the height pf the spiral duct.

The sellers are selling the threaded rods separately in general. Also, the required fasteners come with these systems. And their applications are very easy.

Conclusion on Spiral Duct Hanger

These are the general types of spiral duct hanger systems that you can find in the market. They are available from different sellers.

If you have additional questions and comments about them, please leave them below!

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