40 Gal Pressure Tank – Will It Be Sufficient?

While you are selecting high-pressure tank systems for your home, you need to know some considerations. Most of people are searching for 40 gal pressure tank applicaitons that they can use for their home. But there are important things that they need to consider about these systems.

Why Do Gallons Matter?

40 gal pressure tank
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First of all, we need to know how the pressure tank system in our homes is working. As you understand that pressure tanks contain high-pressure water inside them. And they provide high-pressure water to the sinks and faucets that we have in our home. And there is a pump that pumps the water inside the tank in specific cycles.

Also, there is a switch that makes a pump work. When the pressure inside the pressure tank drops to a specific degree, the switch turns on the pump to increase the pressure inside the tank. And the switch stops the pump if the pressure comes to a degree.

Making cycles can be problematic for the lifespan of pumps. If there are lots of cycles that the pump makes during the day, it will deteriorate at a much higher rate. So, we need to use a system that will not tire the pump and switch systems.

For an average family, a 40 gal pressure tank makes around 100 cycles which is very high. And this will cause a problematic issue in the pump life. And you will pay much more money for the maintenance of this system. So, it will be better to select bigger sizes of tanks.


This is also a very important parameter that you need to consider. Drawdown is the total amount of water that the pump supply to the tank in each cycle. With the increasing capacity of the tank the drawdown increases. If the drawdown is high, the number of cycles will be much lower.

And also the selection of switches is very important. There are switches in 40/60 and 60/80 psi working ranges. This means, when the pressure inside the 40 gal pressure tank drops to 40 psi, the pump will start to replenişsh water to up to 60 psi. And in general, the drawdown is much more hişgher than the 60/80 switches which will decrease the number of cycles per day.

These are the general points that you need to consider about the 40 gal pressure tank and tank selection.

Conclusion on 40 Gal Pressure Tank

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