401a Refrigerant Properties and Applications

There are different kinds of refrigerants that we are using the in the cooling applications of refrigerators. And the cooling ranges and features are much more different. One of these refrigerants is the 401a refrigerant. Here we will summarize the general features of this refrigerant that you can find in the market.

And also you can find detailed information about the general applications. Check the general physical properties and replacements to learn about this refrigerant. It is a very common application and you need to consider several points before deciding to buy one of them.

What is 401a Refrigerant?

401a refrigerant.

This is the type of refrigerant that we are using in the low-temperature and medium-temperature range of refrigeration. And it is very common in such applications.

It is a retrofit blend that we are using for the R-12 refrigeration systems in general. In the evaporator systems that have 10 to 20 Fahrenheit degrees, their applications are very common.

We use refrigerants for their different boiling and freezing temperatures than the normal liquids. It makes the very useful for general refrigeration applications.

The first important feature that we expect from the refrigerant, it must evaporate at very low temperatures. So, while they are vaporizing at very low temperatures, they make it possible to draw heat from the cold environment.

For example, think about a refrigerant that evaporates at -20 degrees Celsius. So, it is possible to take heat from -20 degrees Celsius with the controlled evaporation of this liquid. And while it is evaporating at this temperature, it will draw heat from the environment.

Also, another feature that we expect, it must liquefy at room temperature at a specific pressure. When we increase the pressure of this liquid, the liquefaction temperature will increase. So, when it releases heat at room temperature, it will make it possible to release the heat that it draws from the cold environment.

So, as you understand, it is a very important cycle that the refrigerant must complete in a refrigeration system. And 401a refrigerant is one of the best refrigerants that complies with these features.

General Applications of 401a Refrigerant

These are the general applications that we are using for them.

R-12 and R-500 Refrigeration Systems

The use of this refrigerant is so common in the R-12 and R-500 refrigerant systems. Direct expansion air conditioning systems are very common. And also, we do not need to major adjustments to the systems that we are changing with this refrigerant.

And because of this, the replacement of the R-12 and R-500 refrigerants became very popular around the world. Because the 401a refrigerant is much higher in efficiency.

Industrial Refrigeration

Also in industrial refrigeration systems, the use of 401a refrigerants is very common. They are very good in the application of industrial cooling equipment.

Industrial cooling equipment is very big if we compare it with the normal applications. There are very big rooms that are refrigerated to very low temperatures. So, the use of very high amounts of liquids at very high ranges is very common. And the 401a refrigerant is very useful for these applications.

Low-Temperature Domestic Coolers

In low-temperature domestic coolers, the use of them is very common. You can see deep freezers that are running with them. Like in the big refrigeration applications, also the use of the 401a refrigerant is very common for the low temperature-deep freezers. Also, you do not need to change the refrigerant commonly with a new refrigerant.

Commercial Refrigeration Systems

Commercial refrigeration systems comprise big moving containers to carry different kinds of parts. The use of these systems is very common with 401a refrigerants. For example, trucks that have refrigeration systems to transfer food between cities are commonly using the 401a refrigerant applications.

Vending Machines

You know that the cooling of the foods and beverages in the vending machines is a very important application. The use of this refrigerant in these machines is very common in refrigeration applications in these machines. In general, we do not require very low-temperature refrigeration in vending machines.


We also use refrigerants for humidifiers. Some environments really need humidifier systems. And the use of this refrigerant is very common for them. In humidifier systems, we do not use the 401a refrigerant for very low temperatures in general.

General Costs of the 401 Refrigerant

If we take a look at the market and different sellers and manufacturers, you can find the tubes and packages with 11.35kg of them. And if you will use them for small applications such as home chillers and refrigeration systems they will be sufficient in general.

The general cost of these 11.35 kg tubes costs around $50-100. With the increasing capacity, the rate of the increment of the price decreases in general.

Important Numbers for This Refrigerant

Also, it will be very important to know this information about the 401a refrigerant.

  • Critical temperature: 225.2 F / 107.3 C.
  • Critical pressure: 668.3 psi / 46.1 bar
  • Alternative name: You can find this refrigerant with these names also; R22/R152a/R124.
  • Safety class: A1 safety class.
  • Substitute for: You can substitute the R12 refrigerant with the 401a refrigerant.
  • Boiling temperature: -29.92 F / -34.4 C that you can use it for deep freezers.

These are the general physical properties of this refrigerant. You can check and consider these properties before you buy.

Conclusion on 401a Refrigerant

As you see above, these are the general points that we can state about this fluid. It is a very common refrigerant fluid that we use in different kinds of applications such as deep freezers, industrial chillers, and cooling applications, home refrigeration systems, and so on. If you have additional questions about this topic, please leave them below.

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