Rectangular Duct Applications – Advantages and Uses

In HVAC systems o different industries, we are using different kinds of systems and applications. One of these applications is rectangular duct applications. Here we explain the general types and systems of these systems.

What is Rectangular Duct?

Rectangular duct.

The rectangular duct is a system where we pass air or other gases through them. So, they are every useful system in the HVAC applications of big buildings. And also, you can see these systems at the top sides and roof sides of the buildings. So, they are very common systems that we use.

Advantages of Rectangular Duct Applications

There are different kinds of applications we are using these systems. They are very common systems that we are using in the applications.

  • The most important advantage of these systems is, they are taking much lower heights. Because, if we compare it with the other shapes, you can have a much higher cross-sectional area with the rectangular shape.
  •  Also, the fan coil system can be connected much more easily. Because the coil systems are generally different systems that we can connect with the rectangular ductsç
  •  We are using rectangular duct systems in low-pressure applications. The general air conditioning applications of the buildings and the use of rectangular duct equipment are much more common in general.
  •  In terms of aesthetics, they can fit with the structures of buildings much better. Because the structure of walls and other structural sections such as columns are rectangular systems. So, they are very good systems that we can easily adjust.

Disadvantages of the Rectangular Duct Applications

There are also disadvantages of these applications that we need to consider. So, you can easily decide whether to build these systems or not for the applications that you are using.

  • In general, the noise generation is much higher in rectangular duct applications. Because the flow of the air inside the rectangular systems is not aerodynamically superior to the other systems.
  •  The installation costs are higher than the other shapes in general.

Other Important Points about These Systems

There is also another important point to know about these systems that we are designing.

  • First of all, there are different materials and types o ducting. One of the classifications is flexible duct materials. Flexible duct systems are very useful and very easy to install. And also, rigid duct systems provide much better structural stability.
  •  Also, you can find plastic duct applications. They are very good in corrosive environments. But at high-temperature applications, the plastic material can be troublesome. And in general rectangular duct systems are made from galvanized steel is very good for the outside environment. They do not get dust. They are better in high-temperature applications.
  •  While you are applying ductwork to your structure or system, you need to make strict HVAC calculations to define the general area and general length o the rectangular duct. You can get help from the duct makers.

Last Words

These are the general points that we can state about rectangular duct applications. If you have additional questions about these systems, please leave them below!

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