r502 Refrigerant – Properties and Applications

In different kinds of cooling applications, refrigerants are very important liquids to carry the temperature and heat between different systems. There are different types of refrigerants that we are using in different applications. One of these types is the r502 refrigerant. Here, you can find detailed information about the r502 refrigerant applications in cooling systems.

What is r502 Refrigerant?

r502 refrigerant

r502 refrigerant is a very efficient refrşgenratn in commercial and industrial medical and low-temperature refrigeration systems. They have a very good temperature capacity over the other conventional fluids. They offer lower discharge temperatures which provide much higher efficiency. Generally, we are using these systems in industrial evaporators and commercial systems.

Also, we generally know this refrigerant by its other commercial names; CFC-502, Freon-502 Genetron-502, and Forane-502. You can find this refrgerant iwith tehse names in teh amrket.

Physical and Chemical Properties of r502 Refrigerant

  • Chemical Formula; Azeotropic blend of the R-22 and R-115 refrigerants.
  •  It is a colorless liquid that has an ether-like odor.
  •  We generally use this refrigerant in medium to low-temperature applications.
  •  The boiling point is -45.3 degrees Celsius.
  •  The critical temperature is 80.7 degrees Celsiuıs.
  •  The critical pressure is 4.02 MPa.
  •  The ozone depletion potential is 0.221 which is low if we compare it with other conventional refrigerant applications.
  •  Also, the global warming potential is 6200 which makes it a very common refrigerant fluid after the environmental regulations over the years.
  •  You can find the r502 refrigerant in the high pressure containers from the sellers.
  •  It is non-flammable you can apply them if you want to have a safe system.

Advantages of r502 Refrigerant

This refrigerant fluid provides various kinds of advantages over other conventional systems.

  • You can use this r502 refrigerant in retrofitting the old fluids without changing the oil. It can work with mineral oil.
  •  If a system has a single compressor system, it will provide a 50-80% cut from the existing oil.

Last Words

This is the general information that you need to know about this refrigerant fluid. There are different kinds of sellers of them in the market. You need to check the data sheets of these sellers.

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