Midnight Blue Car Paint – Does It Worth?

We know that selecting the correct color for your car is not easy stuff. There are different kinds of things to consider in general. But what about the midnight blue car paint? It is a good color to choose for your car? Here we assess this color in different aspects and make you choose the correct color much easier.

Why Midnight Blue Car Paint?

You already know that darker colors give a much more serious and mysterious vibe to your car. And it is generally about your taste. Some people do not love darker colors. They generally decide on lighter colors for their cars. So, they generally choose lighter colors. But if you searched the term midnight blue car paint, probably you fall in love with these kinds of tones like use.

Advantages of Midnight Blue Car Paint

Different kinds of advantages probably make you choose this color.

  • Looks if the first the most common consideration in general. Combining black and blue which are the mostly desired tones of car colors creates this color. And because of it, most people find this color attractive in general.
  • Also, darker colors like this one are very good to hide dirt and scratches. If you can not deal with cleaning your car and if you’re driving your car in dirt, choosing these tones and colors will be a much better option for you. You will not need the same amount of cleaning as the lighter colors in general.
  • And combining the midnight blue color is much easier than the other kinds of colors in general. You can easily combine the midnight blue car paint with other lighter colors of rims and interior designs. You will have a very good contrast between your car and your different kinds of applications.
  • Also if you choose your car color in midnight blue when you’re buying a new car, the resale value will increase. But if you paint your car in the original color, we can not say the same thing about the resale value. If you will be the first owner of that car, selecting it will be much easier for you.


 It is very important to make a sane assessment. You should not think with your mere emotions while you’re selecting a car color for your car. These are the general disadvantages that you need to consider about midnight blue car paint.

  • In general, the midnight color is prone to show imperfections much more if we compare it with the other colors. So, the general maintenance costs will be higher if we compare them with the other kinds of colors.
  • Heat absorption can be a problematic issue on hot days. Also if you’re driving your car in hot environments and climates, you should think about it. Because the darker colors will absorb the heat and sun much higher than the lighter colors. This can harm the interior equipment on hot and sunny days. So, you should take special care about not putting your car direct ouınder the sun.
  • Another important thing that comes with heat absorbance is, you will use the air conditions much more because of the higher absorption. This means you will have much more problems with your car in general.
  • In general, midnight blue is not a standard color that car sellers provide. If you will be the first owner of a car, you need to add extra money to paint your car that color. So, it is very important to paint your car with that color if you want to.

So if you are aware of these important points, it will be very easy for you to make general considerations.


Giving exact prices can be very hard to paint your car to that color. Because there are different kinds of considerations that we need to make about them.

The first important parameter on the price of the painting operation is the brand and the model of the car. Because if we need to paint a high-end car, we need to deal with it more sensitively way. This is a very important thing to consider in general. Because think about painting a Lamborghini and a Nissan Altima. You need to rip different parts of the car off.

Another important parameter of the price is the size of the car. Painting a big truck will not be the same as a small hatchback passenger car.

And also the type of the painting job is a very important thing to consider in general. There will be a difference between pearl painting and solid painting applications. This will affect the prices.

So, by considering all these important facts the total painting price can range between $500-$6500. $500 is the price of a midnight blue car painting application with a straight and solid color for a passenger car. And the $6500 is the price of the pearl painting application on an Audi RS8. So, you can make your estimation with these values.

Painting Types

Like the color, the type of painting job is also very important. Different paint jobs give different vibes. There are advantages and disadvantages to these painting applications in general.

  • Metallic: You can choose a metallic midnight blue car paint for you. You will have a highly glossy appearance upon that color. In terms of the price, this application is somewhat higher than ordinary painting applications. The maintenance and cleaning are harder in general.
  • Solid: Solid painting application is the most common and the most general application that the general cars have. In terms of price, it is the cheapest application in general. And also the maintenance and cleaning are much easier.
  • Matte: In different car communities, matte painting applications are one of the most attractive and very common applications. If you see a matte car in traffic, it will probably grab your attention easily. But in terms of price, matte colors are one of the most expensive applications available in the market. And also the cleaning and maintenance of the matte colors are not easy.
  • Pearl: Like matte, it is also another high-end painting application that you can use for your car. The pearl appearance provides a very good appearance to your car. You need to apply a very good application for it. You will get a pearly appearance. And also it is one of the highest price applications. Maintenance and cleaning are somewhat easier than the matte color but not easy.

So you can choose the best application if you want to paint your car with matte midnişght color.

Best Photos of Midnight Blue Car Paint

Maybe this photo represents the midnight blue car paint best. The average appearance of your car will be like this one. You can see that it creates a very good vibe around the people.

Also if you consider making a pearl painting application to your car, this is the average looking of your car. In the and you see that you can seeth pearl breezes on the surface.

Matte painting application of the midnight blue car paint. Eben on a standard BMW creates a very different vibe as you see in the picture.

How does it look on a BMW car?

A Chevrolet car that has a matte painting job with this color. It gives a very different vibe even the most basic and general cars.


So, we say that it is a very cool color. And you probably decide to make this color for your car. We tried to give you a different viewpoint to you about the matte blue color car paints in general. So, considering them will be very easy for you.

You can leave your comments about this color below!

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How do I get midnight blue paint?

If you try to obtain this color by mixing different colors, you need to add a small amount of black color inside the blue color. Do not overuse the black color. Because black is a dominant color that small excess of black can make the blue color way darker than the midnight tone.

What is the paint code for Midnight Blue auto paint?

The paint code of this color is 1341. You can find it with this code in different paint shops and car paint shops easily.

What paint code is BMW midnight blue?

Its paint code of it is B38.

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