Metallic Black Car Paint – Pros, Cons and Photos

Are you looking for car paint that will suit your car? And if you are curious about which car paint will suit better on different vehicles? We suggest you consider the metallic black car paint. It has a very different aura and if you want to give your car a very different and elegant vibe, you can consider this color.

Advantages of Metallic Black Car Paint

There are different kinds of advantages of metallic black car paint. These advantages are very important to consider.

  • First of all, the metallic black car paint has a very different and attractive aura. And it will give a very elegant looking to your car. Most people find the black tones very unattractive. But, black tones represent certainty, excellence, and seriousness.
  • Also, this color will add a very important amount of value to your car. In general, black or blackish-colored cars are preferred to white colors. They present a very special design than the other normal colors in general.
  • Another important thing that we need to consider is, the durability of the metallic colors is generally better. They are resistant to scratches which will provide a much better appearance in the long term. You do not need to pay lots of money for special chemicals to save the paint.
  • And also people find the metallic black color much more attractive than the other kinds of pearl and matte colors. You can easily consider this color for your car.
  • In terms of maintenance, it will not cost lots of money like the other types of paints. For example, the maintenance costs of matter colors are much higher than those of metallic colors.


Do not forget that the metallic appearance is an additional feature of black car paint. So, you need to consider different kinds of things.

  • If you want to add a metallic appearance to the black car paint, you need to know that you need to pay extra cost for it.
  • In general matching, the intended colors can be hard for the metallic colors. For example, you want metallic black car paint but you may get a lighter color. There is special care needed for it.
  • The metallic paints, it is more likely to have scratches and swirls. Because metallic color means more applications and processes are required. And you can see scratches and swirls after washing applications.
  • So if we compare it with normal paint, metallic paint requires more maintenance in general. You need to use waxes and different kinds of things to maintain the shine.
  • If the surface of your car has imperfections, metallic black color can not encase these imperfections.

So, it is up to you to consider this color if you want to add it to your car.

Metallic Black Car Paint on Cars

As you see above, the metallic black car paint appearance is like this. As you see that the car has very sharp edges. And it makes it much more attractive to people. So, you can consider that this car is a very useful and attractive selection that you can make.

Look at that Maserati. There is a combination of metallic and matte colors at the same time on the car. So, you can see the exact difference between these two color types on one car. What type of color that you may choose? Matte or metallic?

The ideal appearance that the metallic black car paint on Ferrari. This is a very good design and you can see that the appearance of the car is much sharper.

The world will shine on your car! Do you want a Cabrio Mercedes that has a very good black appearance?

Even the oldest cars will appear brand new if you apply möetallic paintings on them.

Look at this old version of Cabrio Mercedes. This metallic color provides a very brand-new aura to this car.

So this is a very good and very attractive design idea that you can use for your car! And you should not care about general things.

Costs of Painting a Car with Metallic Black

It is very hard to give exact prices of painting a car with this color. Because there are different kinds of considerations that we need to make. First of all, the brand and the size of the car have a very important influence on the price. Because painting a Lamborghini and a Nissan Altima is not the same thing. They require different handicrafts.

In most cases, the range of the painting job will be between $500-$5000. The single-stage enameling and double-stage high-quality painting job will change the prices by around $1500.

But it will be a very good idea to take different quotes from the different paint appliers.

Last Words

 These are the general points that we can state about the metallic black paint color. If you have additional comments and questions, please leave them below. Your precious feedback will be very important to us!

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