Blue Car Paint Ideas with Different Tones and Photos

When you say blue car paint, you need to know that there are different types and applications of blue car paint. But here you can find the best ideas about blue car paint and we will try to give you a very different imagination about it. Just check the photos below.

Best Blue Car Paint Tones and Photos

We do not recommend you think about directly the exact blue paint. Look at the vibe of this matter dark blue color on that Maserati. You can consider this color if you want to add a serious vibe to your car like in this one.

What about lighter colors of blue? What do you think about this BMW car? The turquoise colors with regular paint give a very different vibe to your BMW car as you see in the photo. Most of us know BMW cars with normal paints such as white or black. But do not forget to consider this tone of blue.

What about more serious looking with marine blue like in this photo? The extra gloss adds a very important value to your car as you see in the photo. And if you have an enormous nature innately, you can use the blue color on your car.

Plain sky blue car. If you want to make a plain color like this one, you can consider this color directly. It is a very good color that you can consider for BMW as above. And also it is a special color for BMW cars as you see above. Especially M Power ones…

Blue colors on muscle cars? Check out this gloss turquoise-like blue! It first directly to this muscle car! If you want to create a very vintage and classy appearance with your muscle car, you can consider this blue color also.

Light colors of blue are also very common in general. As you see in the photo, the blue color is very classy on a Rolls Royce. You can also create the same classy appearance, you can use this color also.

You know that pearl colors are also very common in different ranges of colors for different cars. And you can create a very good vibe with these colors. As you see in the picture, this is the glossy pearl dark blue that you can obtain a very good appearance for your car. For example, if you have old versions of Mazda or Honda, pearl blue colors will add a rich appearance to your car.

As you see above these are the most common blue colors in the different car communities. From light to dark and matte to glossy appearances, each blue car paint adds a different vibe to your car.

How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Car Blue?

As we stated in the other ğposts that we share our reviews about the different car colors, it depends on the quality color that you want to paint your car. So, you need to select the best application according to yourself.
But if we need to give some price estimations, the general prices can range between $1000-$5000 according to the quality of the craftsmanship. And also the brand and model of the car, the level of gloss, and also additional features such as matte or pearl paints can affect the price.

Is a Blue Good Color for a Car?

The colors generally depend on the person’s tastes. Some of them can choose colors around yellow and some of them purple. But if you want to create a more accurate and more serious vibe to your car, selecting more darker and matte colors of blue will be very handsome.

Also if you are a female and you love to use blue color, you can choose light and glossy blue for your car.

Last Words on Blue Car Paint

As you see above, you can get a very good and different appearance for your car with the blue color. And selecting the correct color is complete uğto you. And we tried to enhance your view of the blue color by adding these different tones.

What do you think about the blue color? Do you think there are better colors and tones than blue car colors? Please leave your comments below!


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