Red Car Paint – Should You Use It?

Lots of people are curious about whether should they use red car paint on their cars. Here you can find a detailed review of red car paint. And also you can find different kinds of explanations on the red car paint applications. We give some examples of the red painted cars will give you a very good idea about the different selections.

Types of Red Car Paint

It is very important to know the different types of red car paints that you can apply to your car.

  • Pearl: Pearl car paints are very common in modern painting applications. They have special additional pigments to create pearl-like striations on car surfaces. But in general pearl appearances are much more expensive than the other ones.
  • Metallic: Also metallic applications will be very attracgiveç You can have a very good shining effect on your car. Also, the sharp lines will be very attractive. But like the pearl application, it is a very expensive application.
  • Urethane paints: Also urethane paint is one of the highest durability to fade and chipping. If you are looking for a price-performance red car paint application, you can decide to use this one.
  • Enamel: Also it is a very easy to apply and very high durability car paint application. And it is a very common application in most cars.
  • Acrylic lacquer: If you are looking for a low-price painting application, you can use an acrylic lacquer painting. But in terms of durability, you can not harvest the same performance as the other applications.
  • Water-based paints: In these applications, they are the lowest VOC ingredients. And also if you want an environmentally friendly application, you can consider this one. In terms of durability, these paints generally lie between the most durable ones and the least durable ones.

It is up to you to select the best application according to your budget.

Advantages of Red Car Paint

Let’s check the several advantages that you can get.

  • Red and the different tones of red is a very attractive color set in automobiles. And generally, they are decided by different kinds of people in general. Also, combining this color with other colors is a very easy application.
  • If you select red color while you are buying your car, the resale value will be much higher.
  • If you have a sporty and dynamic innate nature, you can choose this application for your car.
  • This color is very good in terms of not showing dirt.
  • This is a very different viewpoint but, red cars increase safety. Because the visibility of red cars is generally easier on roads.


Let’s be honest. There are also some disadvantages that you need to consider about red car paint applications.

  • In general, they trend to absorb the heat coming from the sun much worse. Darker colors such as red absorb much more heat which will increase gas expenses in the hot climate. Because you will need to run your air conditioner much more.
  • Insurance companies can write much higher policy prices for red cars. Because they believe that the visibility of red cars decreases in traffic. And this increases the risk of an accident.

Costs of Painting a Car to Red

When it comes to cost, it is very hard to give estimations. Because there are different kinds of factors that we need to consider if we want to make price estimations in general.

The most important thing to consider is the model and the brand of the car. Because painting high-end cars require a much more sensitive job and craft which means higher prices. And also the technique that they apply will affect the price.

As you see above, if you want to paint a car red with cheaper painting techniques, you will probably pat around $500-$1000.

But if you want to apply pearl painting on a high-end car, the prices can increase up to $5000. So, you can estimate according to your car model and the technique that you want to apply.

Different Red Car Paint Photos

This is an example of metallic red paint on a Mercedes car. As you see that the appearance is much more alpha. And the corners and striations are much sharper with the effect of metallic color. This is a very high-end application of paint.

A standard red paint application on a classical car. This is the average-looking red car that you will have the nearly same thing if you want to make a usual handicraft.

This is the red pearl car paint application on a 1977 Corvette. It is a very attractive color that you can decide to use. You can notice the different pigmentations on that car which makes it very attractive.

Also, you can consider the darker colors of red like in this picture.

Last Words

These are the general things that we need to consider about red car paint. We wish that this article serves to make a very good decision for you.

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