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Marinite – Do We Use Them Today?

In insulation, we are using different kinds of materials. And we know that Marinite was very common on buildings to obtain the required amount of insulşation on the buildings. Here, we will talk about the Marinite applications that we use in thebuşlding insulation. 

What is Marinite? 


Marinite is an asbestos-based insulation board on buildings. Another important benefit of the Marinite application is, they provide an important amount of fireproofing. The use of the Marinite was very common in mids of the 20th century. 

But because of the asbestos exposure and the health situations because of this exposure, the use o the Marinite is not common today. 

Asbestos exposure is very unhealthy because of the inhaling the asbestos fibers and particles. When you touch or disturb the asbestos panels, they release these asbestos particles and fiber into the air. And when we inhale them, these particles and fibers cab placed in our lungs. And these particles that are placed in our lungs can be a problematic issue in terms of cancer, and pleural effusion in which fluid buildup in the space between the lungs and chest. 

Because of these health issues that can be caused by the Marinite applications, their use ıf them is not common today. 

Do You Have Marinite Insulation? 

For example, your home can have Marinite insulation. Probably your home is inherited from the mid-20th century and before. So, it is very important to consider if your home has Marinite insulation. And you need to change it with modern applications. Some of the modern insulation applications are; 

  • Mineral wool: It is a type of insulation that is made from molten rock, slag, and other minerals. They are non-combustible and also very safe insulation material. 
  • Fiberglass: This is also another modern insulation material that you can consider for your system. Because they provide the required amount of insulation on walls. And they are not combustible.  
  • Cellulose: In attics, walls, and crawls, the use of cellulose material is very common. Because they provide the required amount of fireproofing. They are made from paper and treated with other chemicals to provide both insulation and fire-resistant characteristics. 
  • Spray foam: It is a very special liquid when you spray to the wall, and expands. The application of these foam systems is very common and easy.
  • Polystyrene: This plastic insulation is a very simple and common application and is non-toxic and non-flammable. 

So, there are different kinds of alternatives available. You need to consider these applications if you want to change to the new one. 

How Much Does It Take to Change Insulation? 

If you consider changing the Marinite insulation with the new ones, you need to consider different kinds of factors. 

  • Where do you want to change? The thickness and the type of insulation can vary according to the location. The insuşation will not be the same for Canada and southern sections of the United States. So this will affect the prices of the insulation.
  • How much area that you have for your attic, walls, and crawls? With the increasing area, the prices increase. So, it is very important to consider these prices in general. 

But if we need to give some rough estimates about changing the insulation material from Marinite to another, the whole house can be priced between $3000 to $5000. 

And also it is very important to get a price from different insulation applications and incentives. And you can decide the best price for it. 

Does It Worth Change from Marinite to Others? 

Yes, it does. Because we are directly speaking about the health issues that the Marinite application provides. You are directly in lung cancer danger if you continue to use Martinite insulation. And also, it is banned in lots of countries. So, it is very important to spend that money to save your life. 

You can find different sellers of Marinite boards in the market. But probably they are not selling them for the hoıuse insulation. You can use the Marinite insulation boards for normal applications. 

So it is very important to use them for applications where human contact is minimal. 

Some applications that Marinite was common; 

  • Steel structures: To provide a fireproofing application for the steel structures, the use of the Marinite was very common. 
  • Ceilings, walls, and others: In the insulation of the ceilings, walls, and other sections of the systems, the use of the Marinite applications was very common. 
  • Decorative: Also Marinite was very common for the decoration applications such as partitions and ceillings. 
  • Marine: Also in the marine insuşation systems, we use them. 
  • Boilers and ovens: Because of the fireproofing applications, their use is also very common in these kinds of industrial applications. 

But as we stated above, there are new and better materials are available for the insulation applications for these systems. It will be better to consider these applications. 

Last Words 

As you see above, Marinite insulation was very common. But because of the health hazards that they provide, it is very important to consider these applications as not health friendly. And you need to change them with the newer materials. 

If you have additional comments and questions about these applications, please leave them below. 

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What is Marinite made of?

The base material of the Marinite applications is asbestos. Because they are very useful and fire-retardant materials. But because of the health issues that we explained above, their use is not common. 

What is the Marinite board? 

It is a special board that we use as an insulation material. But today, their use is not common because of the asbestos material. 

How do you cut the Marinite board? 

You can use different kinds of saws to easily cut these boards without any problem. 

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