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Insulation Cover Systems – Uses, Advantages and Products

In terms of occupational safety, we are using different kinds of systems to increase the comfort of the working places. There are different kinds of systems that we use. One of these systems is the insulation cover system. In this post, we will take a smaller look at the general features of these systems in general.

What is Insulation Cover?

Insulation cover.
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Insulation cover is an industrial system that we use on different hot equipment such as engines and pumps to obtain heat insulation. We are obtaining very good insulation to prevent heat dissipation to the outer area.

There are different kinds of advantages of these systems that we are using in general.

  • The first and most important advantage of these systems, is they provide very good heat insulation for high-temperature applications. For example, an engine system is working at high-temperature values. And this high temperature and heat are very important for efficiency. And with the use of insulation covers, the efficiency of the engine increases. Because of the amount of heat that is dissipated to the environment decreases.
  • Also, they increase the safety of the working environment. Because they prevent the hot surfaces of the working parts from the workers around them. In terms of occupational safety, they are very important systems that we are using in different applications.
  • They are highly flexible systems. You can use them in different kinds of applications. And in the maintenance periods, you can easily disassemble and assemble the system.
  • And sound prevention is very important. In general different machinery produce lots of noise in the working environment. With the use of these systems, they also absorb the sound.
  • In some, the engineering systems such as turbines, the control of the temperature inside the system is very important. In general, the temperature decreases because of the heat dissipation to the environment. So, with the use of insulation cover systems, we can easily control the temperatures of these systems.

General Applications

There are different kinds of applications that we are using insulation cover systems. And we obtain very useful and high-efficiency systems from these covers.

  • Engines: We use internal combustion engines for different kinds of applications. And they generally produce very high temperatures and heat. So, to increase the total efficiency of these systems, we can use insulation cover applications. And also these systems will be very good to minimize the sound that is produced by internal combustion engines.
  • Turbines: In general, we use turbines in energy generation power plants. They are very high-temperature systems. And with heat dissipation to the environment, their efficiency decrease. So, it is very important to increase the efficiency of these systems by using insulation cover applications.
  • Panels: Both electric and hot fluid panels can produce lots of heat and can be very dangerous for operators and workers. So, in some regulations and standards, the use of insulation cover systems is very common on them.
  • Exhaust Applications: At exhaust and chimneys, we expel the hot burnt gases. So, because of the flow of these hot and burnt gases, the temperatures of this system are very high. And we need to use insulation cover systems to prevent any injuries to people around these systems.
  • Pumps and Compressors: We are using these systems to increase the pressure of gases and liquids. These gases and liquids can be high in temperature. So, pump and compressor equipment becomes very dangerous for the people working in that area. And the use of insulation cover applications is very common.
  • High-Pressure Tanks: We use tanks to store gases and fluids at high pressure. Also, these fluids and gases can be very high in temperature. And the use of insulation cover systems is very common in these systems.
  • Flanges and Piping Systems: In hydraulic systems, the use of hot fluids are very common. The hot fluids make piping systems and flanges very hot which is very dangerous for workers and other people. So, it is a very common application to use insulation cover systems on them.

General Prices of Insulation Cover Systems

According to the level of insulation and quality of the material, the prices changes. There are different manufacturers from that you can get quotes for your specific applications. And according to these offers, you can make different kinds of insulation systems.

So it can be very hard to give a specific price for the insulation cover applications.

Last Words

So in industry, the use of insulation cover applications is very common and important. You need to check the systems if there are any harmful or dangerous situations. And also, you need to check if you can apply the insulation cover to specific machines and systems.

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