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Rebar Dowels – Uses, Standards and Sizes

In construction engineering and technique, the use of rebar systems is very common. They provide very good elasticity to the concrete. And the use of rebar systems is a standard application in most countries. Also, there are different types of rebar systems in general. One of them is the rebar dowels. Here we will answer the question of what are these parts and why we are using them.

What are Rebar Dowels?

Rebar dowels.

Rebar dowels are the short rebar pieces that we are using in the concrete column fixings and combinations. So, the use of them is very common. The dowel connections between the concrete columns are the most sensitive sections to break in the earthquake and other incidents. So, there are very strict standards about these rebar dowel connections in general. These sections generally must be very high in strength.

So, we are using them for these connections. They provide enough strength and elasticity to prevent cracks and brakes.

Also, we are using them in highway pavement systems in general. Because there are lots of connections in the highway pavement systems also. And they provide very good elasticity for highway applications.

So in most of the concrete connection points, we are using rebar dowels in general.

Sizes of Rebar Dowels

In the market, you can find different sizes of them. The size may change according to the applications that you will use them. For example, if you will use them in applications where the concrete connections are very big and common, the use of the thicker and longer ones is much more common in general.

The most common sizes of them are 4″x16″, 8″x24″, and 24″x24″ in the L shape. They provide very good structural support for concrete systems.

Standards and Certificates

While you are selecting a rebar dowel, you need to comply with the standards. For the US, the rebar dowels must comply with the standards of ASTM A615 and AASTHO M31.

Some of them are manufactured with an epoxy coating for corrosion and rust prevention. If you prefer these systems, the epoxy coating must be made in CRSI-certified facilities.

Last Words on Rebar Dowels

These are the general points that we need to know about rebar dowels. If you have further questions about them, you can leave your comments below!


What is a rebar dowel?

The rebar dowel is the structural rebar that we use in the concrete connections and corners in the constructions. They provide structural integrity to the corners that are prone to crack and devastation.

Can rebar be used as dowels?

Yes. There is special rebar that is manufactured for the dowel systems. So the use of rebars is very common as dowels.

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