Diamond Dowels – Uses in Construction and Advantages

On this website, we are introducing different kinds of ideas about construction applications. They can be very useful for most applications. One of these great ideas is the diamond dowels. Here we will take a look at the general features of diamond dowels and their advantages and uses.

What are Diamond Dowels?

diamond dowels.
Image Source: Danley Systems.

Diamond dowels are the systems that we are placing between the concrete slabs and platforms to combine them. We are generally using rebar dowel systems, but these systems are also very common in pavement concrete connections.

They have a rectangular shape that we attach between the concrete slabs transversely to take advantage of this geometry. There is a plastic casing that we need to remove before attaching the different concrete systems.

Advantages of Diamond Dowels

There are different kinds of advantages of the diamond dowels that we are using in construction applications.

  • For conventional rebar dowels, we need to drill the concrete slabs. But with these applications, we do not need to do it.
  • There is no risk of restraining that can be harmful to the construction.
  • Also the most important advantage of these systems, they maximize the surface area of the joint line between the concrete slabs. They are very useful systems.
  • You will use a little amount of steel in concrete applications thanks to this application.
  • They are applied according to the guidelines of ACI 302.1R-04 and ACI 360R-06.
  • The installation is much easier.
  • Provides much higher strength to the concrete connections.
  • Joint edge spalling is reduced.
  • The strength of the joint will increase in shear and flexural stress. So, they are very useful in most construction applications.

Applications that We Use the Diamond Dowels

There are different kinds of applications that we are using the diamond dowel applications in general.

  • Concrete Slabs: In the construction applications where we are using concrete slabs. They are very effective in making the connection more powerful.
  • Pavements: Pavements generally constitute the attachment of asphalt to concrete slabs. So, the use of diamond dowels is generally a very useful system.

You can have datasheets of different sizes from the manufacturers. They can make offers about these systems if you ask for a quotation.


As you see above, they are very innovative systems that we are using in construction applications. If you have additional questions about diamond dowels, please leave them below.

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