Granite Bricks – Advantages and Applications

In construction applications, we are using different kinds of materials and different kinds of systems. One of these applications is granite bricks. Here, you can find detailed information about them, their advantages, and their applications.

What are Granite Bricks?

Granite bricks.

They are bricks that are made from a natural material called granite. It provides various kinds of advantages that make it possible to use in different applications. You know that the use of granite material is very common in such applications. Also, people are manufacturing them to use in different applications.

Advantages of Granite Bricks

There are different kinds of advantages of them. Because of these advantages, we are using them in different applications.

  • Slip Resistant: This is one of the most important advantages of granite bricks. The surface of the natural granite provides a very low slip surface and high friction.
  •  Aesthetics: Granite is one of the best natural stones that provide very good aesthetics to structures. There are different kinds of colors that we can see naturally. Around these colors, the raven black, diamond black, and carbon black granite systems are very common in general. Also, you can find them in different blemishes and other color ranges.
  •  High Durability: Granite is a material that occurs at very high pressures in volcanic activations. So, they provide very high durability and they can save their durable structure over the centuries. Because of this feature of the granite bricks, different kinds of big civilizations used them.
  •  Heat Resistant: These physical and aesthetic properties of granite bricks do not change with increasing temperatures. This is also a very important feature that makes the granite material in the kitchenware and oven and stone manufacturing. With the application of very high temperatures, granite bricks do not lose their physical properties. Also, historical civilizations used granite bricks in stove construction applications in general.

As you see above, granite brick is a very advantageous material that you can select for construction applications.

Applications of the Granite Bricks

Because of the features that the granite material provides that we explained above, there are different kinds of applications that we are using them.

House Construction

Because of the very good aesthetics and very durable structure, the use of granite bricks is very common in house construction. They provide very good structuraşl durability to withstand earthquakes. And also, the heat characteristics of them hold the home warm in winter and cold in the summer. A house that it built with them is very good and comfy.


Just because of the same reasons above, their use of them is very common in masonry applications. The ancient civilizations built different kinds of walls that have come so far.

Stone Ovens and Heating Equipments

Because of the thermal characteristics of the granite brick applications, their use of them is very common in stone ovens and heating equipment. They can possess very good heat rejection and very good physical properties at high temperatures, the use of them is very common in stone ovens.

Pavements and Roads

This material provides very safe walking with the slip-resistant surface that it provides. So, their application of them to pavements and roads is very common. It is very easy to apply them to pavement and road applications.

Last Words on Granite Bricks

These are the general points that we can state about the granite bricks. They are very versatile systems that we can use in different construction applications.

If you have additional comments and questions about them, you can leave your comments and questions below.

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