Grout Pump – Important Tool for Construction!

In construction, you probably see these devices that are being used by the construction workers to provide grout and mortar to the required places. So, they are very important systems that we are using in construction applications. Here we will talk about grout pump systems. And you will learn all teh aspects of these systems here.

What is Grout Pump?

A heavy-duty grout pump application.
A heavy-duty grout pump application.

As you understand from its name, the grout pump is a system that we are pumping grouts and mortars to the different locations o the construction site. Also, they can create and mix other mixtures that we need to pump to the different sides of the system that we are creating. 

Applications That We Use the Grout Pumps 

There are various kinds of grout pump applications that we use in different applications. 

  • Construction: In the construction of buildings, bridges tunnels, and other structures that we need concrete massively, we use grout pump applications. They can provide the concrete that we need. 
  • Repair jobs: Also in these buildings, if there are cracks and weak points that we need to repair, we use the grout pump systems to repair these sections. We can pump the concrete to these weak points of the construction. 
  • Soil stabilization: Before starting to build a building place, we are using the grout pump applications to fill voids to stabilize teh structures of the soil. 
  • Earthquake strengthening: Also in the applications where we strengthen the buildings, the use of the grout pump applications is very common in general. 
  • Mining: Also grout pump applications are very common to pump underground excavations to the surface. 

So they are very important versatile applications that people and experts are using in different kinds of applications. 

What are the Types of Grout Pumps? 

A grout loading on grout pump.
A grout loading on grout pump.

According to the power source and the type of pumping action, we can classify the grout pump systems. 

  • Piston systems: This is the most basic and common type of these systems. The pump structure is made from a piston system. In each piston movement, the grout is pumped through a hose. In general, they are inexpensive due to teh basic structure. But their capacity of them is lower than the other types of applications. 
  • Plunger applications: Instead of a piston system, there is a plunger that directly pressurizes and forces the grout through a hole. They are generally more effective in large work. But they are generally more expensive than piston-activated pump systems. 
  • Diaphragm grout pump: The diaphragm pump mechanism is also commonly used in pump applications in general. They are very useful systems that we can easily attach to different applications. And their capacity is moderate if we compare it with the plunger systems. In general, the maintenance and teh general costs are lower than the plunger systems. 
  • Air-powered systems: Instead of mechanically powered applications there is pneumatic action in the grout pumping applications. They are generally lightweight and portable systems and they generally use these systems for hard-to-reach places. 
  • Electric-powered systems: Instead of gasoline systems, we need to connect these systems to electricity. There is an electric motor that activates the diaphragm or piston pump. In general, they are much more expensive than air-powered systems. In terms of power and efficiency, they are very much better. 
  • Hydraulic systems: In terms of power and efficiency, the power of teh hydraulic systems is much better than the other applications. The grout is pumped by a hydraulic-activated system. And also they are more expensive than the other basic mechanisms. 

How to Use a Grout Pump? 

They are very basic systems to use. 

  • First, of all, you need to prepare the grout. The grout that you will pump with these systems must be homogenous and there are no roughnesses inside the mortar. And also there should not be dry places in the grout application.
  • After you prepared the grout, you can put the grout inside the reservoir of the pump. 
  • After that, place the hose of the grout pump where you want to pump the grout. It is very important to place the hose accurately. Be sure that you placed the hose correctly and firmly. 
  • And then turn on the power of the grout pump that which will start to send the grout through the hose. 
  • Once the grout starts to come through teh hose, one operator must spread the mortar on teh space with a help of a trowel or shovel. 
  • And shut off the machine when you finished the spreading of the mortar. 

Important Safety Tips While Using Grout Pumps 

Grout pump hose.
Grout pump hose.

Also, you need to be sure that you are applying some safety tips while you are using the grout pump applications. 

  • While operating these machines, be sure to wear protective things such as safety goggles, cut and impact-resistant gloves, etc. Because there can be pieces and splashes flying out from teh grout that can cause accidents. 
  • Before using the machine you need to read all teh manufacturer’s instructions. 
  • Be sure that the work area is clean and that there is not an extra threat to the accidents. 
  • And be sure that you can maneuver the hose. Because the hose may tend to make awkward moves while the grout is coming. To prevent it, you need to be sure that you fixed the hose thoroughly. 
  • Be sure that there is a fire extinguişsher around you. 
  • If there is a safety guard on the machine, be sure that you are using that properly. 
  • If you are working at higher elevations, you need to be sure that you are using fall protection equipment with you. 
  • Also, know the general occupational health and safety regulations of the place where you are working and act according to these regulations. 

What are the Prices of Grout Pump Applications? 

A compact system.
A compact system.

It can be hard to give exact numbers and prices for the different types of these machines. But according to the prices in the market, we can give several price estimations. 

  • Electric systems: According to the market, you can find electric systems between $1500 to $8500. 
  • Piston systems: Piston systems are generally lower in price. And if you have budget restraints, you can consider these applications. The price can range between $500 to $2500. 
  • Diaphgram systems: Also they are expensive applications if we compare them with the other systems. The price range is between $2000 to $6000. 
  • Air-powered systems: The price range of the air-powered grout pump is between $1500 to $3000. 
  • Hydraulic grout pumps: The price range of teh hydraulic grout pumps is between $3000 to $10000. 

As you see, you can make very easy price and budget considerations according to these price ranges. We gave the price information in different ranges. Becas-use the prices may vary according to the quality of the application and the brand. 

Parameters to Consider While Selecting Grout Pump Applications. 

Like the parameters above, there are also other parameters that we need to consider about the grout pump applications. 

  • Type: As you see above there are different types of them. According to the price and your requirements, you can select the best application for yourself. 
  • Output capacity: Also this is a very important consideration. You need to know which level of pumping capacity you need. Assess the applications that you will use these systems and select an application that will meet this output capacity. This capacity is generally measured with the kg/hr. 
  • Power source: In general there are two power sources, gasoline and electricity. If there is no reach of electricity in teh workşng areas, you can choose the gasoline-powered applications. 
  • Portability: According to the working sites that you are working on, you need to choose proper portability. There are big and portable applications. 
  • Price: We gave general information about the prices as you see above. You can consider these prices according to your budget. 

Last Words 

As you see above, we tried to give all the necessary information for you. From the application areas to the prices of the grout pump systems, you learn all the aspects. 

If you have additional comments and questions about these applications, leave them below. 

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What is a grout pump used for?

The general purpose of the grout pump is pumping the groıut and mortar in the construction applications to the desired areas and places.

Can you pump concrete with a grout pump?

Yes, you can easily pump the concrete with the heavy duty grout pump applications.

How do you base a grout pump?

You need to place the grout pump application on the base where it can work in a stable position without any problem.

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