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Rivet Bolt Systems – Applications and Advantages

In the fastener industry, there are different applications that we are using different systems. One of these different systems in these applications. Here, we will closely look at the rivet bolt applications. And we will see the general advantages of them.

What is the Rivet Bolt?

Rivet bolt.
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A rivet bolt is a threaded fastener that we can use for fastening multiple sheet metal parts. They are very useful and very easy to apply with the rivet nut systems. They will act like rivet systems but they are threaded fasteners in general.

You can find different metrics and inches of them according to your application. From the catalogs often different sellers, you can find the different sizes and applications available in markets.

The surface finish is also very important for these applications. If you will use them in outdoor applications, you need to be sure about whether the Zinc is plated or not. Because zinc plating or galvanizing provides very good corrosion and rust resistance to the fastener applications. In general, stainless steel material is generally used for these applications.

Advantages of Rivery Bolt

They provide very different advantages over the other fasteners.

  • Instead of the conventional rivet systems, the rivet bolt has a threaded system that it is possible for unscrewing and screwing for different applications.
  •  Also, you can adjust the blind setting for the tube caıissons.
  •  Rivet bolt applications are the combination of both riveting and screwing of different parts. So, they are very easy to use in applications.
  •  They are resistant to height-tightening forces to make sure to obtain rigid structures.
  •  Rivet bolt applications are generally very good in terms of not damaging the treated surface of the material that we are using them.
  •  The assembly of them is much easier if we compare them with the other systems.


These are the general points that we can state about the rivet bolt applications. You can find different sellers available on the internet. They are generally selling these items according to inquiries that you are giving them.

If you have additional comments and questions about the rivet bolt applications, please leave them below!

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